Get Discovered with Local Search

How Online Business Directories Give Small Businesses More Visibility

Local Search Engines

Before the advent of Internet technologies, we all had to thumb through big, bulky paperbound business directories every time we needed to find a business address or phone number. Then, online business directories were launched to make searching for local businesses more convenient and versatile.

Online business directories are more effective and efficient than its paperbound counterparts. Each local search engine automatically scans its database once a user selects an area and a keyword. Within the split of a second, the search engine is able to produce a list of relevant businesses located within the desired area and its vicinity.

Online business directories also offer much more than free business listings. They have grown into informative local search engines, providing valuable tools such as maps, photos, videos, catalogues, hours of operation, business reviews and more.

Snupit Online Business Directory

Snupit is South Africa’s No1 local search engine providing fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information. The online search service has an extensive business directory of information from across South Africa listing companies, products and services. Each Snupit business listing features:

  • The business's contact information
  • A detailed map of the business location
  • Helpful user reviews
  • Photos, Videos, catalogue, menu

Users may even forward listings to their friends via email or mobile phone.

Since its inception, Snupit has quickly grown to become a valuable source of local information. With business listings in our database increasing every minute and an array of helpful local information, Snupit is the ideal online business directory.

Local Search Means More Visibility for Business

Local search engines help businesses connect with their target consumers. Market dynamics have changed and more consumers are now shopping around for new establishments with which to do business. Therefore, businesses are encouraged to take ownership of their business directory listings. By claiming their listings on a local search engine like Snupit, businesses can update their contact information, add cellular phone numbers, add website addresses, list their hours of operation, upload photos and videos, list menu’s and catalogue’s. Updating and adding new listing information can help them gain visibility and boost their chances of gaining confidence from undecided consumers.

Claim your business listing or create an even more visible and detailed listing in Snupit’s online directory today.