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Furniture Removals

Relocating from one home to another and carting all your precious belongings with you can be an intimidating and difficult process as if moving is not stressful enough on its own. Hiring a mover can greatly simplify matters for you, but it is important to find a moving company that is trustworthy and comes with good references. Hiring a cheap and unreliable transporter can lead to irreparable damage to your belongings, being overcharged, or having some items stolen. How would you go about choosing a vetting a competent and trustworthy furniture removal company?

1.    Evaluate and Compare

Whenever you hire a contractor, especially with a job involving precious belongings or sensitive matters, approach the hiring process as you would dating. Try to get a few candidates you consider to be suitable, and then compare them. A great way to find your initial candidates is to ask for recommendations from friends, business colleagues or anyone you now who has recently had to move. Other areas to find recommendations include asking on social media, most areas have local Facebook groups, and posting a request for recommendations there is a great way to get honest feedback based on customer experience.

2.    Full Comprehensive Disclosure is Essential

The next step involves getting an estimate from a moving company, which means as the customer, it is important to show the mover everything you wish to transport. Planning to sneak in a few extra bits will not work out in your favour at all. This will help you to get an accurate quote, with no nasty surprises at the last minute. Full disclosure also means informing the mover of any challenges they may face when they arrive at the new premises, perhaps there is no driveway, or there are stairs. At this point, it is also important to ensure that the mover will be performing the move itself, rather than contracting the job out to someone else. Collect as much information as possible on the company, including their tax numbers and registration numbers, physical address, more than one contact number, and  the full name of the company as well as any other names it may trade under.

3.    The Tribe Has Spoken

You should now have at least 3 or 4 companies that are suitable candidates, with their quotes and estimates. You can now compare them to each other. It is not always only a numbers game. Comparing the financial estimates is important, but also ensure that the businesses have valid tax numbers and are registered as the estimator claimed. Also take customer service into consideration, which company would be the most helpful should you encounter a problem, or have a complaint? Are the businesses insured, and if so, does that insurance cover your belongings? You can slowly eliminate one company at a time by asking these questions.

Hiring a moving company need not be a stressful event. Relax and enjoy the start to a new beginning in your new home. Find a reliable and trustworthy moving company right here with us, on Snupit.


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