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Life comes with a complicated roadway, filled with unforeseen twists, turns, uphills and downhills. The only time your path is ever really flat and straight is when you are dead. Through all of these complicated twists and turns, it is completely normal and healthy to become overwhelmed, afraid or insecure at times. Sometimes, all we need to do is to push on and persevere until the sun comes out and the road seems a little easier again. Other times, it is best to speak to a psychologist to get some guidance, have a catharsis, or simply speak your mind to. These symptoms are telling you it's time to see a professional:

1.    Your emotions are too intense

We all experience a wide range of emotions, ranging from anger and sadness to elation and excitement. It is normal and healthy to experience the full spectrum of feelings. If your feelings become too intense, like sadness overwhelming you completely to the point where you battle to contain it, or if you find yourself losing your temper too easily, there may be an underlying problem you need to address. Anxiety is also an extremely debilitating sensation that can lead to the feeling that every scenario will end badly. It can cause a person to stop living, as they become too frightened to do anything new.

2.    Something happened, and it's eating at you

People tend to associate the word trauma with major events only, like losing a loved one or witnessing a murder, but the truth is, that even falling off a bicycle can be traumatic. If anything happened to you, and it seems to consume your thoughts more often than you feel comfortable with, you need to speak to someone about it. Leaving a traumatic event to fester can lead to serious psychological problems manifesting themselves later on. Address it early, before it settles.

3.    Relationships feel difficult

Keeping a simple relationship going may feel like an overwhelming and difficult task. It may take lots of energy from you, and the result is still that the other person feels like you are distant, disconnected and not present. They may say that it feels as though you don’t care. This is a sign that you are battling with some psychological problems, and seeing a professional may really help you to work through it and understand your challenges better.

Psychological treatment is not a quick fix for anything. It is really a slow discovery of who you are and what is eating at you. There is no shame in it, rather the opposite, because those who seek to better themselves by addressing their issues will be better members of society, better parents, better coworkers, better partners and better family members. It is an incredibly brave step to take, and the benefits of getting help will echo into every avenue of life if you work at it.

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