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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to install an access control system?

    The time it takes to install an access control system in Clarendon Marine depends on the complexity of the system. For a typical office building, it will take 1 – 3 days. It ultimately depends on how many doors and access points need to be connected to the system. It can be a very complicated process, especially when there are many different access requirements. For example, there might be specific time slots in which you want to allow access into the building.
  • What type of access control systems are there?

    There are two types of access control systems:

    - PC access control system

    The entire system is controlled by a computer. This makes it easy to adjust access requirements and apply them to specific doors and entry points. If necessary, you can have new access requirements each day. Typically, there is a reading device at each door and it’s connected to the computer.

    - Non – PC access control system

    There is no central system or PC that can control the entire access control system at large. These systems are generally cheaper, but they can’t be customised. You have to manually set up an access key code or connect access cards to this system. This kind of system is generally better for a smaller group of people or one door.
  • Can I choose which doors I want to control?

    Yes, it is possible to choose which doors you want to control. It does not have to be every door in the building. In fact, many buildings in Clarendon Marine only have access control at the main entrances. However, it depends on what kind of access control system you have. It’s generally easier to manage the access points using a PC controlled system.
  • Are there different access key options?

    Yes, there are different access key options. It depends on your needs as a customer in Clarendon Marine.

    The most common options include:

    - Access key code/ pin

    There will be a reading device with a keypad at the door. Anyone who uses the access point will have to type a specific code or pin into the reading device.

    - Finger print

    The reading device will have a fingerprint scanner. Only people who have their fingerprint registered will be able to use the access point.

    - Access card

    A card will be issued to all the individuals who need to use a particular access point. They can use the reading device to scan or swipe the card.
  • Is an access control system the same as an alarm system?

    No, access control systems and alarm systems are two different things. Access control determines who can enter or exit a building using a particular entry point. On the other hand, an alarm system is put in place to provide an alert if there is an intruder or unusual activity. However, the two systems can work together. For example, if someone tries to use an access point that they are not authorised to use, an alarm could be programmed to go off.
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Price Estimate for access control in Clarendon Marine

  • Average access control system installation cost (including the control system): R3000 : R25 000

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