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Top 10 results for Insurance in Amanzimtoti

Kingsburgh, Amanzimtoti
Domestic, Commercial Insurance. Short term insurance, domestic and commercial. Specislise in car and household insurance. Insurance on any business from small to big. Making sure that you are covered for unfortunate events. Don't lose your a ...show more
0 reviews
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Kingsburgh, Amanzimtoti
0 reviews
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Professional Financial Solutions. LUMENROCK South Coast (Pty) Ltd by the amalgamation of two accounting practices Neil Oberholzer and Company and Fleiners Accounting Services CC. These two practices were established businesses in Amanzimtoti, ...show more
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Brokersure was formed in March 1999 when a group of independent brokers merged their businesses, and has since grown to the extent where we now have an overall staff complement of 38, servicing some 50 brokers throughout South Africa. Ou ...show more
1 review
by Jan, 082****871
Best service, best benefit and value for money the cherry on top.
Old Mutual is the largest and most trusted financial services provider in Southern Africa. Our prominent position in the industry is reflected in our strong operating performance across all our businesses, our good balance sheet position, s ...show more
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Winklespruit, Amanzimtoti
0 reviews
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Illovo Beach, Amanzimtoti
0 reviews
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Warner Beach, Amanzimtoti
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the different types of insurance?

    There’s a range of insurance plans that cater to different industries. Most people aren’t aware of how varied insurance can be and which insurance plans are important to have. Insurance brokers in Amanzimtoti can help you choose the insurance plan you need.

    Here is a list of the many types of insurance available in South Africa:

    - Property or Home insurance
    - Car insurance
    - Travel insurance
    - Business insurance
    - Income protection insurance
    - Legal Insurance (legal cover)
    - Health insurance (medical aid)
    - Disability insurance (disability cover)
    - Funeral insurance (funeral cover)
    - Life insurance (life cover)
  • Is it necessary to have insurance?

    The thought of paying thousands of Rands for insurance can be daunting. However, the benefits of having insurance usually outweigh the cons. It helps you to manage risks, pay for unexpected mishaps and ensure that your family and friends have a comfortable future. Insurance brokers in Amanzimtoti invest your premium funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there's a claim.
  • What factors influence my insurance premiums?

    It depends on the type of insurance. However, common factors for determining your premiums include:

    - Age
    - Physical and mental health status
    - Marital status
    - Income
    - Net worth of insured person
    - Value of insured items
    - Levels of safety in your home, office, shop etc
    - The area you live in
  • What’s the difference between health insurance and life insurance?

    It’s easy to get confused between health insurance and life insurance as they are both related to the wellbeing of a person. However, health insurance covers consultations with doctors, medical procedures, hospital fees and medicine. The goal is to have medical funds that aid people in getting the necessary services to be healthier and live longer. On the other hand, life insurance is a policy that means a certain amount of money will be paid out to beneficiaries if the insured person dies. People who have chronic illness or unhealthy habits are likely to have higher life insurance premiums.
  • How do I submit a claim?

    The process of submitting a claim varies between each insurance broker in Amanzimtoti. However, it usually entails contacting your insurance broker as soon as possible and providing them with the claim details. In some cases, you can submit a claim online. Otherwise, you might have to speak to an insurance consultant over the phone or in-person. It’s also important to make sure that all claim information is as accurate as possible.
  • Why do my car insurance premiums increase each year?

    There are plenty of factors that influence your car insurance premiums. The value of your car is constantly decreasing so you’re more likely to need funds for repairs and servicing. Car insurance premiums increase because the cost of repairing a vehicle and replacing parts increases every year. One of the few ways to try and bring down your car insurance premiums is driving it less and having a safe parking area for your car at home.
  • Why Snupit?

    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It’s free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best insurance brokers in Amanzimtoti.

    2. Professionals listed on the Snupit platform are experienced, friendly and background-checked. Our numbers say it all! Of the 1 reviews for insurance brokers, our customers have had a positive and a rewarding experience with 1 insurance projects.

    3. Choose from 1290 trusted and high quality professionals in Amanzimtoti who can assist you with just about anything you need done.

    4. Don’t overpay for any service, hire a local expert from our talent pool of 1290 insurance brokers in Amanzimtoti who are skilled and vetted.
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