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  • "This is the best online platform I have ever come across as it is cheap, fast and efficient. We receive leads frequently and get 100% value for money."
    Leon Van Rooyen
    Kill-A-Bug Pty Ltd
  • "Snupit has helped my company to increase its bottom line. I see great value in advertising on Snupit and get up to 15 solid leads a month which normally results in 5 customers. Other mediums take too long to provide leads and are not direct like Snupit. With Snupit, we get an immediate response when a request is made."
    Aziz Latif
    Azfa Construction
  • "The Snupit platform is very good compared to advertising on free platforms like Gumtree and OLX. It is simple, designed well for anyone to use and accompanied by an excellent customer service. The best part is that we receive email notifications for available leads and we don’t have to keep checking the website."
    James Banda
    J Furniture Repairs
  • "Since joining Snupit in 2015, we receive leads on a daily basis of which most leads are converted into sales. The Snupit platform is good value for money and is essential for my business. I would recommend Snupit to anyone that has a business."
    Abel Dube
    Tarnet Civils
  • "Snupit is simple, efficient, very affordable and an excellent platform overall. Leads get emailed to us daily which makes great value for money. A professional company and will definitely recommend anyone use Snupit!"
    Carlos Da Silva
    Da Silva & Sons Construction
  • "As a business with a national footprint, Snupit is able to assist us interact and assist potential customers from across South Africa. As a result of Snupit’s innovative service, we now have permanent customers. Snupit is the best platform for small to medium sized businesses and saves us from marketing stress."
    Mike Zhou
    Molly Jawett Logistics
  • "Snupit provides fast and reliable advertising services. We receive email notifications for available leads as soon as they are published and 8 out of 10 leads received turn out to be actual jobs which is great value for money. Snupit is the best platform I have ever used!"
    Marius van Lamp
    Futuremark Computers CC

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