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What type of electric fencing do you have?
How high is your fence?
How long is your fence?
What type of property do you have?
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Top 10 results for Electric Fencing in Benoni

Morehill, Benoni
We pride ourselves in our work. We Install and repair electric fencing, and we have 15 years experience we do domestic and industrial fencing. We also do Centurion gate motors. ...show more
1 review
by Jessica, 082****412
You came and installed my electric fence on 28 Sept 2019. The fence was up, however, you said that the energiser was not working. You took the energiser saying that within the next week you will give us a quote to repair the energiser, or t...
Benoni AH, Benoni
We specialize in Electric Fence installations and repairs. We strive to give our client the best prices and service available. We have four dedicated teams to assist our clients as soon as possible. We aim to give the best qualified se ...show more
0 reviews
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Daveyton, Benoni
Security. SUPSECON SECURITY registered SERVICES is a fully registered entity with the DTI and industry of CIPC. We are a PSIRA national security company providing comprehensive and tailored protective services, logistics, procur ...show more
5 reviews
by Precious, 073****342
Best Service Provider,, I was really happy they responded so fast and well,,Good communication,,I can always Refer anyone to them,,they don't disappoint,, they work so professionally and effective
We do our work with passion and for the results. we deliver a service that makes people feel save ,we have passion for what we do and will deliver the job the way it should be done the first time ,we all work together as one and always make s ...show more
1 review
by Melinda, 060****664
Excellent service an amazing job done. Will recomend to any an everyon3
Lakefield, Benoni
Passion for our work and customers are what sets us apart from the rest. BEKK Trading CC is a contracting company specializing in property maintenance and renovations, building, CCTV Camera's, electric fences, gate motors, Swimming Pool inst ...show more
2 reviews
by Hennie, 082****735
Tourch on and liquid rubber water proofing. BEKK Trading was the third company that I've used on the same slab roof, but the first company that was able to sort out the leak the first time.
We are professional suppliers & installers of all security products. Catch them before they Catch you. . Visual Power Protection was established in 2010 by Tim Blackman. Visual Power Protection is proud to offer its customers the choice of ...show more
2 reviews
by Tim, 082****081
Top installation
Northmead, Benoni
We have been business for the last 20 years and take pride in our work , our motto is Quality and Customer satisfaction we will leave you feeling money well spend. We do all aspects of electronic security we Install and do fault finding from ...show more
0 reviews
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Sales and Service with a smile. Security Solutions is a company that Sell, Supplies, Installs and Repairs all kinds of Security Systems ...show more
3 reviews
by Shandon, 067****993
Excellent service.best in the business.seasoned professionals catered for my personal and family security
Brentwood Park, Benoni
Life Time No Maintenance PVC Fence. Although PVC Fencing is new in South Africa, it is an established fencing business in the USA, Australia and some European Countries, installing PVC Fences in extreme weather conditions without any adverse ...show more
1 review
by Rina, 082****384
Very helpful and friendly
Benoni North, Benoni
We do installations, repairs, service and maintenance of electronic systems such as electric fences, access control systems, fire detection systems, CCTV systems and nurse call systems etc. ...show more
1 review
by dkc, 061****826
cctv and gate automation it was a clean and neat and up to standard job
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are there regulations that my electric fence must comply with?

    All electric fencing need to meet specific regulations set out by South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA). Before hiring an installer in Benoni, make sure that they have been accredited by the association. This will confirm that they are a reputable business who understands the technical and legal guidelines for installing electric fencing.
  • What happens if a non-accredited business installs my electric fence?

    1. Damage or accidents might not be acknowledged by insurance.
    Imagine an instance where a tree falls over and damages your electric fencing. If the fence was not installed by an accredited professional, insurance probably won’t pay out for the damages.

    2. You risk facing legal action.
    If your fence is not accredited and someone gets shocked by it, they will have the right to take legal action. It will not matter if the person was an intruder or someone who touched the electric fence by mistake.
  • Who issues the electric fence certificate of compliance?

    In South Africa, the electric fence certificate of compliance is issued by SAEIFA. All electric fencing installation companies in Benoni are required to register with this association.
  • Is it safe to have an electric fence?

    Yes, having electric fencing is safe if it has been installed correctly. The voltage current of an electric fence is not strong enough to severely injure a person or kill them. However, touching the fence will result in a very unpleasant experience. This prevents intruders from being able to easily jump over your wall and enter your property.
  • Can electric fences kill pets?

    No. Most pets will instinctually avoid the electric fence, especially if they have touched it at least one time. Nevertheless, the current is not strong enough to kill them. They will generally experience the same level of discomfort as a human touching the fence.
  • Can the fence be linked to my security system?

    Yes. You can link electric fencing to an alarm response system. They are usually connected to the alarm system using a radio transmitter. A reputable electric fencing contractor in Benoni should be able to make the connection. However, you might be required to upgrade your alarm system.
  • Will having electric fencing significantly increase my electricity bill?

    Once you have installed an electric fence, be prepared for an increase in your electricity bill. However, the increase shouldn’t be too significant. On average, you can expect to pay approximately R40 more per month. You can also save money by turning off your electric fence during the day.
  • What happens to my electric fence during load shedding?

    These days, most electric fences will have a backup battery that lasts up to 24 hours. This means that your fence should be operational during load shedding and you won’t have to worry about security in Benoni.
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  • Average cost of electric fencing per meter: R150 : R300
  • Average cost of control box and installation fees: R1600 : R2000

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