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Whether you want to design your home or an office, an architect can make your vision come to life. From creating prints to executing the building process, architectural services require planning and controlling the building and design process. Architectural services are versatile in efforts to create your dream home or office. But do you really need an architect?

There are many instances where an architect isn’t needed — and hiring an architect could mean more money out of your pocket. But here are 3 reasons to know that you truly need architectural services for your next project.

1. You need prints for your project.

This is especially important if you’re constructing a building for a bank or for a building that requires subcontractors. Previously known as a “blueprint,” a print is the technical drawing that is part of an architect’s service. This is the result after the design of the project has been discussed, and the print is the physical image the architect and client agree upon.

While every project could use prints as a reference, the services of an architect should be more in-depth than receiving a building permit. The reason why is because prints aren’t just a few drawings: they are a detailed set of drawings and specifications documenting the decisions and processes agreed upon by the architect and client. If your project requires in-depth prints, then architectural services are necessary.

2. Your project requires a permit.

You need a permit set of drawings to specifically receive a permit. This is similar regarding the prints previously mentioned, but not completely the same. Prints are a set of drawings agreed upon between the architect and client. But a permit set of drawings is exactly what it sounds like: they are submitted to jurisdiction so you can receive a permit.

Also unlike the prints, permit set of drawings aren’t as detailed. Yet they hold key information such as elevations and floor plans.
The reason it’s best for an architect to handle this information is because an architect knows what’s required to receive a building permit. If the client were to try and receive a building permit, the client will typically be left with frustration.

3. You want your home to have a beautiful design.

You would think any homeowner wants a beautiful home. But there’s a difference between a home that looks nice and a home that truly flows with exceptional design. When homeowners bring on architectural design to their home, they work hand-in-hand with architects to achieve their dream home.
The beautiful part about bringing on architectural services for your home is the endless amount of creativity. Everything from the walls, to each room, and even the landscape can be expertly crafted to make your home exquisite.

As with the other points, an architect will be practical. Included in architectural services are any required permits and designing floor plans. This way, architectural services will make achieving your dream home to be a smooth process.

An architect isn’t needed for every project. But architectural services are essential for projects that will take a lot of design, need necessary permits, and will require certain prints. Architects combine function with art, which results in exceptional work.


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