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Designing a mobile app is among the foremost ways for businesses to get in touch with potential customers and generate leads and sales. That being said, not all mobile apps are made equal. The constant evolution of mobile apps means there is no fixed rule of thumb about which type of app works. The matter is further complicated by some myths about mobile app design making their rounds. These myths are pure conjecture but can throw you off course, particularly if you are considering investing in an app for your business.

Here are four huge myths about mobile app design debunked:

1.    An Idea Is Enough

There is much hullabaloo over new ideas capturing the market. You would have come across countless examples of entrepreneurs who came up with an innovative idea that ended up taking the market by storm and took their enterprise to the next level. However, the fact remains that simply having an idea is not enough. You need to have a clear-cut plan and strategy for your app. A good mobile app is one that fills a gap in the market, is launched on the correct platform/s, and at the right time. Otherwise, you are simply adding an app to the already overcrowded app stores.

2.    All You Need Is Code

The trend of mobile app design has shifted from an intense focus on coding to the modern mobile operating systems. What this means is that in order to develop an effective app, you need to have in-depth knowledge of Android and iOS (or any other OS you want to develop the app for). You have to figure out the demand for your app in the market and whether people would be interested in using it. There has to be a demand for it. The economics of the process have overtaken the importance of coding and programming.

3.    You Should Have Deep Pockets

The cost of a mobile app depends on numerous factors, such as the features you include and the experts you hire to work on it. The key to making an app work is focusing on user-friendliness and a clear-cut interface. An app that is intuitive and easy to use is more likely to catch on, and for that, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the mobile app design. As long as you are working with an experienced app designer, you are good to go.

4.    Launch It and They Will Come

Last, but not the least, perhaps the most common myth about mobile app design that people believe is that once you launch the app, you are done. This is not the case at all. You have to incubate the app, promote it, and make sure that your target audience is able to find it. Plus, you have to be on call for upgrades to the OS or to the app itself. There are numerous things that affect app performance that you need to keep an eye out for. What this clearly means is that the app launch isn’t the end game.

Now that these four myths about mobile app design have been debunked, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding developing your own app. It is important that you work with experienced, professional mobile app designers to improve your chances of launching a successful app.


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