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The plumbing industry is a highly competitive one. Plumbers must find new ways of standing out among their competitors and forming long-lasting relationships with their clients. Take a look at these new innovative ways plumbers are going the extra mile for people like you. Does your plumber do all of this?

1. The value and convenience of online service hubs

The best plumbers in South Africa can be found on online hubs where local professionals pay a small fee to advertise their services. There are several reasons to opt for these professionals rather than sourcing unknown plumbers elsewhere:

- You can view their work history which speaks to their experience
- You can read what other customers have said about working with them
- These plumbers are confident in their services because they have left themselves open to receiving criticism/compliments
- You can receive quotes from multiple plumbers and compare pricing & experience

2. The 24-hour rule

Many plumbers are sticking to a 24-hour turnaround in terms of arrival. These professionals understand that plumbing issues cause a great deal of inconvenience, and therefore aim to relieve the situation as soon as possible. This 24-hour promise is a big selling point for customers who don’t w to wait for their plumbing needs to be met. Does your plumber stick to the 24-hour rule?

3. A mobile pay point

When it comes to payment, customers love convenience. Paying with your credit or debit card is so much easier than having to draw cash. Internet transfers can also be frustrating, because you have to collect banking details and make the time to do the transfer if/when you have access to the internet. Good plumbers always carry a mobile pay point so that payment is quick and painless.

4. Prioritising emergencies

Finally, use a plumber who puts your emergency ahead of other jobs that aren’t as urgent. Knowing you can rely on a plumber who prioritises emergencies will ensure repeat business for that plumber. Imagine having a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet! These are not the kinds of emergencies that can wait to be fixed—they need immediate attention.

Does your plumber go the extra mile for you? If you’re looking for a new plumber who aims to make your life easier, go online and search for a real professional who values his clients.

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