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Website Design

Go online and you will find numerous articles and guides detailing how to build a website from scratch. You could have gotten away with a DIY website up until a few years back, but things have changed significantly. Today, internet users are savvier than ever. Your website design is the first thing they will notice. A professional, responsive design will impress visitors while a drab, static layout might drive them away. Unless you have website designing experience, you should never take the DIY route. Here are 7 reasons why:

1.    Fulfilling Your Requirements

Your website is the online ‘face’ of your brand. People will notice the website design the moment they land on your site. The design should reflect your brand, rather than being generic. A professional designer will help you decide on the perfect design that fulfills your requirements and also design it perfectly. Your website will stand out in the crowd.

2.    Reducing Bounce Rate

Websites with a staid and general design are likely to have a higher bounce rate. This is particularly true if the website does not offer a great user experience. This means that your website should load in a second, be easy to navigate, and have a clear-cut layout. If your visitors find it difficult to navigate your website, they will click away.

3.    Futureproofing

By opting for professional website design, you can future-proof your website. Professional designers stay up to date with the latest trends in the field and hence, are able to incorporate all important elements in your website. When you take the DIY approach, you will not be able to add any technical features, for instance, instant messaging.

4.    Optimizing for Search Engines

A website without traffic is, well, useless. Promoting your website organically requires the design to be congruent with SEO guidelines. By working with a pro, you can ensure your website is easier to optimize.

5.    Maintaining Your Website

Your website design requires regular update and maintenance. Trends change and new technologies enter the market, which become standard after a time. Hiring a professional keeps your website up to date. When you are on your own, you might not be able to keep pace with the changing trends, simply because it will distract you from your business.

6.    Saving Your Time

As mentioned above, designing a website is a time-consuming process. You will have to divert your attention from your core activities to design your website. You can hire a website design pro and save the time involved in the process. The pros bring their expertise and experience to bear to complete the project within the given deadline.

7.    Loading Speed

Last, but not the least, a website designed by a professional will load quicker than a DIY website. Visitors don’t stay on a website for more than a couple of seconds if it doesn’t load completely.

So, there you have it, 7 reasons why you should hire a pro for your website design rather than taking the DIY route.


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