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Corona Pandemic

Covid-19 has posed some serious threats and it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts during this situation. At a time like this, we must do everything in our power to stay safe. There is plenty of information out there about the protocol for looking after yourself during these difficult times.

Have a look at this list of Corona Virus do’s and don’ts:


• Remain as informed as you can. There are plenty of credible news outlets and official websites that constantly update the public. The more you know, the better you can do at looking after yourself.

• Be as hygienic as possible and wash your hands frequently. Health professionals recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap. You should also remember to wash your thumbs and finger nails.

• Cover your coughs and sneezes because they might be contagious. Plenty of people who have the virus do not show symptoms in the earlier stages.

• Try to work from home if possible. It’s been made compulsory for most businesses to operate from home.

• Cancel or re-schedule non-essential doctor appointments like visiting the dentist or a chiropractor. It’s much safer to stay at home and wait until a more suitable time.

• Go to the shops as little as possible. You will probably need to buy food at some point. However, try to limit your trips to the shops. Once a week is the recommended amount of times. It’s important to continue to buy fresh food at this time too.

• Stay aware of the surfaces you are touching. It’s possible for the virus to remain active on certain surfaces. It’s a good idea to walk around with hand sanitiser too.

• Eat as healthy as possible and get as much exercise as you can.


• Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth! It’s even more important to follow this protocol when you are out in public.

• The free time from the lockdown is not an opportunity to socialise at home. Do not make plans for dinner parties or plan play dates for your kids. It’s unacceptable during this time.

• Sharing utensils and drinking glasses with other people is a bad idea. Don’t make exceptions for anyone.

• If you are greeting someone, you must not shake hands or hug one another. It can be difficult for some people to remember this. However, it’s extremely important to keep your distance from anyone you come into contact with.

• Don’t call for testing if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. There are a limited number of testing kits at the moment. It’s important for people who are showing symptoms or more likely to have the virus to get tested first.

• Don’t allow the Covid-19 pandemic to stop you from enjoying life. Look after your health and stay as positive as possible. Some days will be better than others. However, you must make your physical and mental health a top priority.

More than anything, you must not panic.  Covid-19 can seem like the end of the world. However, it’s something we have the tools to overcome if we follow the correct protocol. Stay home and stay safe.

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