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Essential Items

There are essential items which have proven to be useful during the Covid-19 pandemic. These days, it can be difficult to get your hands on some of these essentials. Hand sanitiser is constantly sold out in stores across the country. This means you must take advantage of the rare times that you do see these items on the shelf.

The following is a carefully curated list of the kind of items that will be incredibly useful during these times:

•    Face masks

During the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds and thousands of people have been seen wearing face masks in public. Face masks can be bought at a number of local pharmacies. However, it might be difficult to source them at the moment.

According to the World Health Organisation, face masks should be worn in public if you are coughing, sneezing or caring for an infected individual. It’s also important to use the face masks properly. This entails washing your hands with an alcohol-based soap before placing the mask over your mouth. Once you’re wearing the mask, make sure it completely covers your nose and mouth. These are the facial areas which need to be covered in order for the mask to be effective.

•    Soap

We have been urged to wash our hands as much as possible using alcohol-based soaps. This is highly effective in terms of killing the virus and preventing the spread. However, washing your hands with soap will only do its job if you wash your hands properly. The recommended amount of time for washing your hands is 20 seconds. Additionally, you must make sure that you wash your thumbs and focus on your fingernails. These are the areas of the hands that are usually neglected.

•    Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is extremely useful during these times. It allows us to ‘wash our hands’ on-the-go. There are plenty of home-made hand sanitisers on the market right now. Most of them probably work well, however, try to get a credible brand from the store. You want to be sure that your hand sanitiser successfully prevents the spread of the virus.

•    Cleaning products

At a time like this we need to make sure that we clean surfaces and objects properly. The Covid-19 virus can remain active outside of the human body. This makes it much easier for the virus to spread. Therefore, we must take it upon ourselves to keep our homes and public spaces as clean as possible. Regularly clean surfaces that are frequently used in your home. Especially if they might have been touched by people who were out in public for any period of time.

•    Disinfectant

Most people forget how important it is to disinfect the items that they frequently use. There’s no point in washing your hands and proceeding to touch a computer keyboard or cell phone that hasn’t been cleaned. Try to wipe down frequently used items and tools with a disinfectant as much as possible.

Above all else, do not panic buy or stockpile any of these items. We need to make sure that everybody has access to these essential items during the Covid-19 pandemic. Think of others every time you go shopping. There needs to be sufficient supplies for everyone. Nevertheless, a large number of shops have limited the number of items that you can buy.

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