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A home improvement project may include an expansion or renovation of part of your property to be rented out so you can earn extra income. It can be a great idea and bring in a lot of extra money for you and your family but not if you end up getting fined or worse because your tenant contracts aren’t entirely legal. A tenant lawyer and other legal services can make sure that the lease agreement with your tenant, as well as any other rules and regulations you may need to comply with before you advertise to tenants.

When To Get Legal Services Involved

As soon as you plan to rent out a part of your property to a tenant, you should employ a tenant lawyer and other legal services. Before you build any new structures or renovate pre-existing areas of your home, you’ll want to make sure that your plans comply with all manner of property law in your area. You’ll want to know that health regulations, building regulations, and everything else is all compliant with what you’d like to do. This way you can make changes right away before it’s too late (or far more expensive) to do anything about it.

Who Needs Property Management Legal Services?

You may not manage an apartment complex or even have private quarters in your home to rent to a tenant, but if you are allowing any person to pay you rent to live in any part of your home, you need legal services. Whether it’s family, friends, or complete strangers, if they’re renting out even one room you should have a written lease and a tenant lawyer should look at it and be sure that everything is as it should be. This protects you, your family, and your tenant because you never know what could happen. If some sort of emergency happens or simple differences of opinion, misunderstandings or anything else, you can refer back to this written lease to find out what was agreed upon in the beginning.

Write Your Lease Carefully

You work hard on your home improvement and you don’t want that to be destroyed by a sloppy or careless tenant. Talk to your legal services about the rules and conditions you expect a tenant to adhere to and then include them in your lease. Go over all of this with your tenant when you first interview them so there will be no confusion as to the way things will be when that tenant moves in. Be sure to use exact dates and clear wording. Legal services help you determine the best words for these instances.

Be a Happy Homeowner

After your lease is written and your home improvement is complete, you’ll be happy to utilize your new tenant space. When you put clear rules in place, disputes are easily solved. When you have the right legal services on your side, you always have someone to turn to if you’re not sure about something in the written lease. In any case, you’ll be the happy home owner with money to spare for everything you’ve always wanted to do…including more home improvements!


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