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Pet Grooming

Choosing a good pet groomer is important not only in terms of getting value for money, but also because it is a service that will affect your pet. There are, unfortunately, pet groomers offering their services with no knowledge of different animal breeds. This can be incredibly harmful to certain animals, as it can physically harm them and also lead to severe stress or trauma. There are also pet groomers out there who have no heart, and sadly will do whatever it takes to subdue an animal against their will to simply get the job done. For this reason, it is important to know who you are leaving this service to. Follow these steps to ensure you find a good pet groomer.

1. Recommendations

As with any service, getting personal recommendations from other people who have used a pet groomer is the first prize. You can also ask your vet and local pet shop if they know any pet groomers that are particularly good. If you have a specific breed of dog or cat, you can find recommendations for pet groomers that are familiar with these animals by speaking to other people who have the same breed of pet.

2. Ask away

Call all of the recommended pet groomers you received contact details for. Ask them as many questions as you can think of. It is important to ask them how long they have been grooming pets, what breeds they are most familiar with, whether they studied or completed an apprenticeship for grooming pets and ask if they are affiliated with any pet grooming organizations.

3. Don’t be discouraged

If the pet groomer is not able to speak to you at the time that you called, arrange a meeting and ask your questions then. It is not a sign of rudeness if they are unable to talk to you because they are usually on very tight time schedules, and busy with the animals. When you meet them, trust your instincts. You can usually see if someone is truly an animal person or not.

4. Face value

Inspect the facility. It should be well lit, clean, and free of any electrical cables or hazards that could be dangerous to an animal. Also, ensure that animals are kept in cages that are the appropriate sizes, the animals should be able to stand and turn around comfortably. They should also be keeping cats and dogs safely separated from each other. A pet grooming parlour that is sensitive and understanding will also keep dogs and cats apart from each other, preventing stress and anxiety. Animals also need to be closely monitored to ensure they do not overheat during blow drying sessions.
If you are seeking a pet grooming parlour for your furry friends, you can browse through Snupit and call some of the outstanding pet grooming parlours listed in the online directory. You can shop around and browse for pet grooming parlours local to your area, making the service convenient and easy to access.

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