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SEO Factors

SEO is the hot topic on many business websites. There’s an excellent reason for this, because your SEO ranking determines your business’ online success. You can easily increase your online sales by achieving a higher ranking. Include certain SEO factors in your marketing campaigns and you’ll see the difference it makes. Here are a few to get you started.

1.    Content

Search engines look at the quality of your content. Quality is measured by quite a few features. Firstly you need to have original content on your website. Google and other search engines will pick up if you copied information from another website. Invest in quality copywriters for this task.

A copywriter can continually create and update content on your website. Search engines rank websites with new content at the top of their lists. You can achieve this ranking by incorporating a blog into your website and regularly posting news or relevant tips.

Your blog and all other content should preferably contain keywords. These keywords are what people use to search for businesses like yours. Keywords must appear in titles as well as the body of your content. Skilled copywriters weave these words into quality content and blogs so your ranking increases.

2.    Links

Search engines increase your ranking when your website shows links to other sites and vice versa. Links are created by referencing websites or by guest blogging on another site. In a guest blog you include a reference to your own site.

If these links are made with reputable websites, search engines recognise the value of your own site. A link building process can take time and once again a skilled copywriter is the ideal person to assist you. A copywriter can connect you with related sites and write quality content which other sites will be happy to publish.

3.    Website setup

You can quickly increase your SEO ranking by simply double checking your website. Many websites contain buttons and links that lead nowhere. This easily happens when your business and website grow & change. Search engines pick up on this and then view your site as a bad quality product. Make sure navigation and redirects on your site is up to date so Google can offer it to customers without reserve.

Your website is your number one sales tool, but it needs to be applied effectively. Web designers and copywriters to help you with this process can be found on www.snupit.co.za.


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