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General Building Contracting

Knowledge of general building contracting is important, even if you are not going to complete home renovations yourself. Not only does the insight help to know that the proper techniques and materials are used. It also helps manage the expenses. If you live in KwaZulu-Natal, you know that residential construction is quite expensive. They are in Gauteng and Western Cape as well. Renovating your home is expensive regardless of where you live, so you want to be sure your investment doesn’t go into shoddy workmanship or structural defects that can take years to show.

The National Home Builders Registration Council outlines and details proper construction methods in the National Building Regulations. Non-standardized construction methods are covered here as well. Reference documents for normal construction procedures include every aspect of a building’s planning, design, and construction. Proper building practices are demonstrated through definitions, specifications, and diagrams.

The council has initiated a warranty scheme to protect homeowners against poor workmanship. It protects against all defects in new homes; in the case of foundations, walls, and other structural components, you have five years of protection. Roof leaks are covered for at least a year and you’re also protected if the contractor deviates from the original plans and specifications.

Working with a Subcontractor

General building contracting works in a complicated way. A general contractor often doesn’t do the work on the home themselves, but hire a subcontractor to do the work. They may in fact manage a team of subcontractors, and select those employed by the larger firm to do specific job such as excavation, framing, roofing, plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work. Specialty subcontractors are employed by the general contractor.

Costs are often marked up by general contractors. The trade-off is that they manage and schedule what every subcontractor does, so you can expect each builder to know when and how to do their jobs. All the extra equipment, such as dumpsters and port-a-johns, are provided by the company on the job site as well.

General Building Contracting Reduces Workmanship Concerns

Hiring independent painters, gutter cleaners, and other self-proclaimed professionals may come at a lower cost, but may not yield the expected results. Plus, you may run into issues such as liability, especially if this person isn’t licensed. Professionals employed by a general contractor not only have certification per national regulations; they have been carefully selected based on the contractor’s own expectations. The pressure to do their job right means the best in workmanship and materials can be expected every time. How do you find these general building contractors and their workers, you might ask? The process is actually quite simple. Just search Snupit’s online directly of national and local service professionals, browse quotes, and post requests. As South Africa’s top online marketplace, it enables you to get competitive quotes, so getting started on home renovations within budget, and with the top pros in the general building contracting industry, is possible.


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