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The cost and time you spend on transporting goods from one place to another depends primarily on the mode of transport you choose. While export planning can be a tricky process, you can definitely benefit from understanding the most important factors to consider when choosing a mode of transport. Here’s a look at a few factors you should keep in mind when browsing through different goods transportation services:


The cost of transport you calculate will definitely impact the final cost of goods. Hence, it is important to keep your budget as the primary consideration when selecting a mode of transport. Selecting transport according to the type of goods you are transporting can help you minimize costs. For instance, if you have to ship heavy goods over an extensive distance, you are better off sending it by rail. On the other hand, trucks are more suited for shorter commutes.

Hence, you should take into account the type and size of the goods you have to transport and the cost of each mode of transport. Do account for the additional costs you have to bear, such as insurance.


There is always the risk of delays due to external factors when transporting goods from one point to the next. For instance, rain or snow can definitely affect trucks. Fog can hold up virtually all kinds of transport.

Hence, when checking out goods transportation services, do consider the speed at which you want the delivery to be completed. Talk to the professionals about the time factor and they will suggest the ideal mode of transport based on your requirements.


There is a safety risk inherent in all forms of transport. For instance, if you ship goods by sea, there is a chance that storms or rough weather might damage the ship. You have to make sure your goods are safe throughout the transit. For this, you may have to invest in special packaging material, which can add to the cost, but is necessary. In some cases, you might need a particular facility to store the goods while transporting, for instance trucks carrying ice cream have freezers.

Moreover, you also need to keep the nature of the goods in mind. You have to inform the goods distribution services if you are planning to transport fragile items that require special care. The idea is to make sure the professionals are aware of the items that you are shipping and they will take the necessary measures to ensure safety.

You also have to make some other considerations when deciding on a mode of transport. For instance, in certain cases, the buyer you are sending the goods to might stipulate that you use a particular mode of transport. In that case, you are bound by your sales contract. In that case, you have to focus on selecting the best from the available goods transportation services. Also, do take into account the destination and the facilities available there. Will the buyer be able to offload the goods without hassle?

Consider all these factors and you will definitely be able to select the right mode of transports and also make your pick from the best goods transportation services in the market today.

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