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UPS Installs

An uninterrupted power supply, or UPS for short, is a system you can install to allow your home or office to receive a steady and stable flow of electricity. With most of the offices today requiring computers and other electronic equipment to function, a UPS can allow for continued work, even when there is instability in the flow of electricity. A UPS, therefore, can quite literally save a business, especially during unexpected power interruptions. A UPS can take the shape of a small black box on your desk, or a massive megawatt system, more than able to supply power to an entire business.

1.    A multipurpose tool

A UPS can serve a number of purposes, and in South Africa, we are all too familiar with power outages, one of the many solutions a UPS bring to the office table. A UPS will protect against power outages by providing enough power to allow the user to slowly shut down his device correctly, preventing the loss and corruption of data. How long a device is able to run on a UPS system depends on the UPS you have installed.

2.    How does it all work?

A UPS charges while the power is on, and it automatically sends power to the devices it is connected to if the power supply cuts out. This means that during short term interruptions, the UPS will ensure that all the devices are able to function safely.

3.    It provides more stability

It takes power fluctuations and evens them out. It does this when the power reaches it, and sends the steady flow of power to the devices. If there is not enough power coming through, it compensates by replacing the missing patches where there is no power, by emitting its own power. It is able to do this for as long as its batteries last.

4.    Smooth and reliable power

Other than stability, it also ensures that all of the electronics it serves to receive a fair and equal distribution of power. Power fluctuations can damage electronic devices. It can even destroy them. A UPS will ensure that your devices are not exposed to the fluctuating levels of electricity, absorbing surplus and filling in where need be.

5.    Backups!

Including a backup source is also an incredibly important and highly beneficial area of UPS installation. A UPS should have a backed up version of everything you need to store in case of an unforeseen, long term power outage.

A UPS serves many different purposes, it protects your valuable data from being corrupted due to a sudden power outage, it prevents loss of data, it extends the life of your devices, as the power being supplied to them is steady and stable, and it allows you to safely finish, exit all your programs and shut down your device if there is a sudden power outage.

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