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Vehicle Tracking

Nobody can truly be prepared for their car to get stolen. It’s not something that anyone anticipates when they wake up for another normal day. However, we cannot ignore that car theft is a reality in South Africa. As much as you think you’re safe, you could easily be the next victim. Nevertheless, car trackers have prevented thousands of cars from being stolen. Snupit can be used to find a reliable car tracker installation service. The car tracker will help you to determine the whereabouts of your car in the unfortunate event that it gets stolen. It’s a good idea to at least become familiar with the procedure that should be followed if your car gets stolen. The procedure is as follows.

1.    Be sure that your car is really gone

There are those times when you think your car is stolen, but you’ve really just forgotten where you parked. This is a common occurrence, especially in bigger parking lots with lots of cars. Sometimes you just need to retrace your steps and remember where you really parked. The level that you parked on might be indicated on your parking ticket. Moreover, you might have parked somewhere out of the ordinary on this particular day. Furthermore, you might have parked your car in a tow-away zone. Consider all the other options before concluding that your car has been stolen.

2.    Contact security and the police ASAP

Now that we’ve concluded that your car is definitely gone it’s time to get some law enforcers involved. If you are able to locate a security guard they might be able to help you with the process of calling the police and dealing with them on arrival. Sometimes they will be able to directly call the nearest police car so that they can get to the scene faster. Upon the police’s arrival, you will need to be able to give them your car’s registration number, make, model and colour. In addition to this, you should let them know that your car has a tracker installed.

3.    Get in touch with tracking service

A tracking service aims to retrieve your car in a timely fashion. You should let them know that your car has been stolen as soon as possible. This way they can start to track the location of the car before it ends up too far away from the location where it was left. Tracking services can often work in unison with the police.

4.    Call your insurance provider

It’s important that you get the police on the case before you call insurance. Once the police are on the case, you’ll have the back-up you need to try and retrieve your car. Better yet, if your insurance provider is notified of the incident they can start to prepare for a situation in which they need to reimburse you. If your insurance doesn’t cover you to that extent, at least you can remove the vehicle from your policy so that you are no longer paying insurance for a car you don’t have.

5.    Attempt to search for your car

Don’t give up the minute you find out your car is gone. It helps to follow up on the incident by looking online to see if your car has been put up for sale. In addition to this, you should circulate posters with a picture of your car and a note that indicates it is a stolen vehicle.


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