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Top Dieticians in Boksburg

Ravenswood, Boksburg
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Bardene, Boksburg
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Ravenswood, Boksburg
Health. General Practitioner. Minor Surgery. IV therapy. Vitamin drips. Facial peels. Scar removal. Supplements to assist with hair, weight, hair, iron,fertility. In operation since 2018. ...show more
3 reviews
by Clement, 071****166
Bardene, Boksburg
Safe and natural Homeopathic treatment, Biopuncture injections and nutritional supplements with Dr. Yeshantha Padayachee (Homeopathic Practitioner). Dr. Padayachee’s passion for health and natural medicine was sparked from childhood and this ...show more
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are sessions with a dietician covered by medical aid?

    It depends on your medical aid provider and the current plan that you’re on. However, it is possible for dieticians in Boksburg to be covered by comprehensive medical aid plans. In addition, if you’re referred to the dietician by another healthcare professional, it’s even more likely to be covered by medical aid.

    It’s highly recommended to consult your medical aid providers beforehand and make sure that the sessions will be covered. Seeing a dietician can be expensive and you don’t want to be surprised by exorbitant fees.
  • What are the benefits of seeking help from a dietician?

    Dieticians in Boksburg are professionally trained and they can determine the healthiest diet and lifestyle for a patient. They are able to help with weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance. Moreover, if a client has decided to change their diet as part of a lifestyle choice, dieticians in Boksburg will be able to able to assist them on that journey and make sure they do it in the healthiest way possible. There are plenty of different diets out there and every dietician believes in different kinds of diets. This means you’ll have to find one that meets your needs.

    Here are the most popular diets that dieticians specialise in:

    - Vegetarianism
    - Veganism
    - Ketogenic diet
    - Omnivore diet
  • How many times will I need to see a dietician?

    It’s difficult to determine how many times you will need to see a dietician in Boksburg. Every client is different and it depends on your needs. You’ll usually need a minimum of 2 sessions. The first session is a consultation where the dietician will analyse your current diet and determine the changes that need to be made. After a certain period of time, you’ll have a follow up session where the dietician can track your progress.

    There are clients who have seen dieticians for a period of weeks, months or years. It greatly depends on your needs and your progress.
  • How do I know if my dietician is qualified?

    Qualified dieticians in Boksburg will have a 4-year degree in dietetics and be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. There’s a difference between a dietician and a nutritionist. Nutritionists don’t necessarily have a degree in dietetics, however, they do provide dietary advice.
  • Can dieticians help people with diabetes?

    Yes, a reputable dietician in Boksburg should be able to help people with diabetes. It’s a very common health condition in South Africa and across the world. The dietician will teach you how carbohydrates work in your body and how to know if you are getting the right amount. The same healthy diet recommended for people with diabetes can be recommended for their family as well.
  • When should I see a dietician?

    There’s no perfect time to see a dietician in Boksburg. Almost anyone could benefit from the help of a dietician, even if they already eat healthily. Dieticians can provide expert guidance and opinions. If you have the possibility to see one, even for a brief consultation, it’s highly recommended.
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