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Top 10 tiling contractors in Durban

Kwamashu, Durban
Committed to superior quality and results. We are a small medium company based in a township of KwaMashu in Durban. We are in the field of Construction and Cleaning Services, where we offer the following services, General Property Maintenanc ...show more
4 reviews
by Zinhle, 064****885
The service these guys offer is amazing! I’ve never seen such professionalisms and excellence in my life! I’ve used their services twice and I’ve already requested they quote me for the next project.
Montclair, Durban
RENN-ESS CONTRACTORS for prompt service with quality work , fair pricing . No job too big or too small. RENN-ESS CONTRACTORS has been providing prompt , quality service with fair pricing since 1973 . Please call for all your commercial and r ...show more
6 reviews
by Forbes, 082****815
Always prompt. Reliable and get the job done, no matter what it is
Manor Gardens, Durban
For All Your Home Upgrades and Maintenance, Shanduko Projects is For You!!. Shanduko Projects is an all-rounded and affordable construction company that prides in its experience and expertise. We provide construction solutions to both residen ...show more
0 reviews
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Your 1st call to connectivity. What we do: •Telephone and data cabling •structured cabling(Cat3/Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A) •Laying of fiber optic cables •Installation of PABX systems .Switchboard .Voip •Project management(Infrastructure&IT re ...show more
0 reviews
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Sherwood, Durban
Tilers of repute. All workmenship supervised by skilled time serviced artisan from reputable companies experience in stone cladding,Porcelain, marble, granite, slate etc... Call now for a free quote Dean:0793312193 Bradwin:0846299999 ...show more
1 review
by Neelan, 072****234
A quote from Tile Workx was accepted following a site inspection and confirmation of costs and timelines. Tile Workx arrived on the first day and, within the first few hours advised that the work would cost more than the quote, this was of ...
Berea, Durban
"We are the real deal in construction". From an early stage, we were fascinated with the idea of using one’s own hands to build functional structures from scratch. In 2004 the founding of Ya Mampela turned this dream into a business reality. ...show more
0 reviews
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Bluff, Durban
JACK AND SON REMOVALS. We demolish old houses,old buildings,we also offer 4ton trucks at the same service and we got a good team to suits your needs.Call Jack for free quotes no one can beat our prices 0616747438 ...show more
0 reviews
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Kwamashu, Durban
Low Rates. High Quality Workmanship. We do tiling of floors and walls, in homes, commercial and industrial spaces. we ensure safe working enviroments and neat end jobs at all times. ...show more
0 reviews
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Merewent, Durban
PHEDS was established in 2004 as a general repairs and maintenance contractor to the Domestic market and thereafter as a SUB-CONTRACTOR to various construction companies venturing in the field of civilS and building work • The company is m ...show more
0 reviews
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tiling, plumbing & painting ...show more
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
Building and renovation projects require excellent workmanship. This results in quality work that also presents well. This is exactly what you need from your tiling contractor. On Snupit you can find the best in your area and vet them according to other clients’ feedback.
  • What type of tile do you need?

    You can’t simply pick any tile you love. Use these guidelines to pick a practical tile for you particular use:
    - Does its durability rating fit the area you want to use it in?
    - Does its surface match its use? Smooth tiles are dangerous when they get wet.
    - Quality tiles will be more expensive but don’t break easily. This is a more cost effective option.
    - Do the colours and patterns complement the rest of your décor?
    Tiles are long term solutions so make sure you’ll love them for years to come.
  • What does PEI refer to?

    Have you heard of PEI rating? This relates to porcelain tiles’ Porcelain Enamel Institute rating. It shows you how abrasion resistant a certain tile is.

    Pick them according to this scale:
    - Pei 1: This is sufficient for low traffic domestic areas.
    - Pei 2: You can use these for interior or exterior areas with relatively low traffic.
    - Pei 3: These tiles are strong enough to use in light traffic commercial areas and in your home.
    - Pei 4: Heavy traffic areas at home or in commercial spaces won’t easily cause harm to tiles in this category.
    - Pei 5: You can safely use these in domestic or commercial areas where you expect a lot of traffic.
  • How must you prepare the surface to be tiled?

    Help contractors by preparing surfaces before tilers arrive. They will spend less time on preparations saving you money.

    The SABS has standards for tile surfaces. These guidelines will help you achieve these standards:
    - The surface must be level. Adjust it yourself with self-levelling screed.
    - Ensure the surface has cured (dried) before tiling starts. This can take up to six weeks.
    - Check how porous the surface is by pouring water on the surface. If it’s too porous moisture will escape from adhesives and lower the bond strength.
    - Smooth surfaces such as concrete or steel can be treated with acid beforehand to remove laitance.
    - Surfaces must be hard. If you can easily make scratches with a nail you need to apply a new, hard top layer.
    - Clean the area of dust, mould and particles by washing it with bleach or a high pressure washer.
  • Why Snupit?

    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It's free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best Tiling Contractors in Durban.

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    3. Choose from 24302 trusted and high quality professionals in Durban who can assist you with just about anything you need done.

    4. Don't overpay for any service, hire a local expert from our talent pool of 24302 Tiling Contractors (professionals) in Durban who are skilled and vetted.
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