Frequently Asked Questions

How can my business benefit from Snupit

Snupit is an online marketplace where we identify customers looking to hire service professionals like yourselves to complete their specific projects. Our unique lead management system then matches these leads with service providers based on service type, location and availability. We then email or text you the project details instantly so that you can view the job and respond if you are interested.

How does Snupit work for Pro’s

Snupit uses a pay-per-lead model which allows you to receive lead notifications for free. You get a summary job requirement and can buy the lead only if you would like to contact the customer for a meeting or to send your quote.

Customers come to Snupit looking to hire service professionals to help them for their needs:

  • We send you a lead notification of the customer request via email or text message.
  • You review the request details and the location, and decide if you want the lead.
  • If you are interested and qualified, you can log into your account to buy the lead.

Make contact with the customer and send your quote:

  • After you’ve purchased the lead, you can access the full details with the customer’s contact information at any time.
  • Simultaneously, the customer will also be notified that you are interested.
  • Make contact with the customer within 1 hour of receiving the lead to have the best chance of getting hired for the job.
  • Call or message the customer to understand the requirement in more detail.
  • Send a custom quote that includes your price and the services that you will offer.

Get Hired:

  • We allow a maximum of 6 Pro’s to respond, so the customer will usually get quotes from a few other professionals (typically 2-3 will respond).
  • The customer decides who to hire.
  • Once hired, you will work out the details with the customer to get the project done and they will pay you directly.
  • Ask the customer to write you a great review as this will help you win more jobs in the future.

How much do leads cost?

Pro’s pay to contact new customers through Snupit credits. A single credit costs R20 but this goes down as low as R16 for a bulk pack of credits. The price of each lead varies depending on the service category requested and the demand. Our leads are charged in credits and are usually between 1 to 5 credits.

You will find that our pricing model is extremely rewarding as usually a single job will cover the price of a whole years advertising and lead purchases.

Is there a monthly or annual fee?

No. You only pay for the leads you buy. You’re in total control.

What payment methods can be used?

We offer the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Deposit

If I click on the “View Customer Details” button in the lead notification email, will I be charged?

No. When you click on the button in the email, you will be redirected to the Snupit website to view the full details of the customer’s request. You will only be charged if you decide to purchase the lead by clicking “Purchase Request.” To make the purchase, your account must have sufficient credits. If you don’t have credits, click “Buy Credits”, select your credit pack and make the payment – we’ll top up your account with credits.

Can I choose the leads that will be sent to me?

Most certainly. You can specify the types of jobs you want by editing your keywords on your profile.

Can I choose which areas I’ll receive leads from?

Yes. Logon to your business profile and update your service area by setting the radius. We’ll only send you leads that are requested from within that radius area.

The leads I receive are not relevant for the service I provide. What do I do?

To ensure your service keywords are tailored to your business, update your preferences. Sign in to your account and go to "Business Profiles". Select the business and click the link “Improve your business profile” Under the Services tab, you will be able to update your keywords and under the Location tab you can set your City with a Radius option for your area of coverage.

Can I add more than one service to my account?

Absolutely you can. To add more services sign in to your account and go to "Business Profiles". Select the business and click the link “Improve your business profile” Under the Services tab, you will be able to update your keywords for more services.

I am not receiving many customer requests, what can I do?

If you are receiving fewer customer requests than normal; it could be that there are fewer customer requests in your service category, potentially due to natural market fluctuation or seasonality. You can try opting into more service categories. If this is still a concern please contact our support team at support@snupit.co.za.

What if I get a bad lead? Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you receive a lead where the customer never requested the work, the location is incorrect or the contact information is wrong, you may dispute this lead by bringing it to our attention. Our audit team will verify the credibility of the lead and instantly refund you with the credits spent on the bad lead.

You must inform us within 14 days of purchasing a customer request to qualify for a refund. Any refunds go back to your Snupit balance – we don’t provide cash or credit card refunds.

If the customer decides to hire someone else, do I still have to pay for the lead?

Yes, unfortunately you’ll not be able to request a refund. The customer receives multiple quotations in a highly competitive market and has the final decision on whom to hire.

Who are the customers requesting quotes?

These are new customers who have provided us with a summary of their service/product requirements. Simply, they want to compare competitive quotes and hire the best Pro for the job. They want quick responses – they expect Pro’s to contact them by their preferred method, by email or phone. Customers then compare professionals based on price, reviews, photos and past experience, and when they ready, they hire the right Pro for the job.

How do customers find Snupit to post their quote requests?

Most of our traffic comes from our high rankings in search engines and word of mouth. We also invest heavily in paid advertising with Google AdWords and Social Media campaigns, which makes up a big chunk of our traffic. We see almost two million visitors per month.

Do I have to buy leads to be listed on Snupit’s directory service?

No. Having a profile on Snupit is still completely free, and it’s a great opportunity to market your business. Customers can contact you directly for your services through your profile. We only charge for business leads that you want to quote for and this is optional, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by adding your business or keeping your profile on Snupit. Its 100% free.

How do I join Snupit?

To begin your Sign Up, just click on the “Join as a Pro” button or contact our support team on 010 541 0200

I am unable to sign in to my account. What should I do?

If you are having trouble signing in, there are a few things to check Double check that you are using the Cellphone Number as your username and password combination. Your initial password is sent as a text message to your Cellphone. After you login, you can change your password.

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it here.

If you are still having trouble; contact our support team and we’ll be able to help you.

How do I update my email address or personal details?

To update your email address; sign in to your account. Click the Menu dropdown and then Account Settings. Here you can update your personal information, contact details and email address.

What if a customer has posted a negative review about my business?

We know how disappointing it can be to receive a negative review on our site. Snupit will not delete, censor, or edit reviews. We value honesty and transparency, and therefore a review will only be removed if there was no quote sent to the customer or if the review violates our Terms and Conditions. We do, however, encourage you to respond to the review and/or reach out to the customer if you feel there is an opportunity to do better. Review responses are best when they succinctly state your thoughts in friendly yet professional tone. A quality response should explain any points in the review you want to clarify for future customers.

If you would to discuss a particular customer review or would like Snupit’s assistance to respond to the review; contact our client services team.

Still does not answer your question?

Please email us on support@snupit.co.za or contact our client services team on 010 541 0200