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Goodwood Estate, Goodwood
Satellite/Digital/Electrical/Technology/Entertainment Installation service provided accros Port Elizabeth–Installers in your specific areas••• of DSTV*CCtv*OVHD*NETWORK POINTS. We’ve got Western Cape Cape Town | Port Elizabeth covered with i ...show more
17 reviews
by Dewald, 084****833
They installed an aircon. They didn't arrive on the day they scheduled the installation.They then said they will come 8am the next day. The next day they arrived at 11am and installed the aircon but the trunking looks horrible because it's ...
Goodwood Estate, Goodwood
We commit ourselves in giving access to energy, water and cooling giving our clients a turn key to their dreams. A.O.C group projects-- Specializes in Outsourcing and projects management like Solar energy systems, Solar Geysers, Plumbing ser ...show more
2 reviews
by Rulani, 073****713
Professional experience, Got my 6 x 6 x 3H combo freezer/ cold room in jst 6 days, right now my business is on the ball, I would recommend Ian's A.O.C Group Projects for your projects.
Goodwood Estate, Goodwood
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a heater if air conditioning is installed?

    It depends on the type of air conditioner unit that you have and whether it has any kind of heating capabilities. If there’s a reversing valve installed, it can turn the air conditioner into a heater. These kinds of air conditioners will usually have a ‘heating mode’. They are extremely useful for seasonal weather changes in Goodwood.
  • If a room has air conditioning, can I remove the fan?

    Yes, the fan can be removed if air conditioning has been installed. However, there are many people who like to have a fan and air conditioning in the same room. Air conditioning is more effective in warmer climates. However, fans are cheaper to operate and they won’t run your electricity bill through the roof. Perhaps you could reserve your air conditioning for the days when your fan is not working effectively.
  • Can I install my air conditioner on my own?

    Most people would rather hire an air conditioning installer in Goodwood to install their air conditioner, especially if they need multiple air conditioners installed all over the house or building. It’s not as easy as other DIY projects, however, it is possible if you consider yourself a handyman.
  • Can air conditioning control humidity?

    If you live in a more tropical area, it’s likely that the heat is coupled with unbearable humidity. When humidity levels that are too high or too low in Goodwood, it can result in poor indoor air quality, mould growth and the spread of germs and illnesses. This means you air conditioning needs to be installed properly in order to keep the building’s humidity under control.
  • How do I maintain my air conditioning unit?

    Make sure that your air conditioning unit is regularly serviced by a professional in Goodwood. It’s ideal to have the unit serviced at least once a year, especially if it’s being used often.

    Here are some guidelines you can follow to make sure that your air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible:

    1. Clear leaves and debris when they gather around the outdoor unit. It might seem like a lot of effort at first, however, it prevents dirt from clogging up the system. The airflow system needs to be clear and clean at all times.

    2. Do not block the inside air conditioning unit with furniture, carpets or any other kind of installations. This will prevent the air conditioning unit from working effectively. There needs to be space for air flow.

    3. Use blinds and shades on east and north facing windows to keep out heat in the summer. During the summer, it’s easy for the sun to heat up a room very quickly.

    4. Try to make use of a programmable thermostat. They usually come with high-end air conditioners and reduce usage when it’s not necessary. In addition, this will help you to limit your electricity usage.
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