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We are tinting! Window film installation for homes, offices, hotels, banks and more. 5 year warranty on our film. MnL Window Tinting is a professional window film installation company that provides to homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, ban ...show more
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by Craig, 084****351
Top service from Lyle and team!
N1 City, Goodwood
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do windows get tinted?

    A layer of tinted film will generally be applied to the windows. This is cheapest way to have your windows tinted as they simply stick the film onto the windows. However, you can also install tinted glass. Reputable window tinting experts in Goodwood are likely to have the option of choosing between these two methods.
  • What kind of properties can have tinted windows installed?

    There are plenty of different properties that opt for window tinting in Goodwood. It could be an office space, school, retail store or house. In addition, there are different types of window tinting film including solar control films, anti-graffiti and security films.
  • Is window tinting film expensive?

    It depends on the kind of film you want to have installed. There is window tinting film for every application and every budget. Consult a window tinting expert in Goodwood and they will help you to determine your needs and provide you with a window film solution to fit your budget.
  • Is there film that can prevent your window from breaking?

    There is film that makes it more difficult for the glass to break, however, it won’t prevent the breakage entirely. Most window tinting film is not designed to prevent breakage. However, there is safety film that holds the broken glass together in the event that the window does break. This prevents further damage to any surrounding fittings and furniture.
  • Does window tinting change the appearance of my windows or make them very reflective?

    Yes, tinted windows can change the appearance of your property in Goodwood, especially if they are very dark. However, there is film on the market that is virtually undetectable. In a situation like this, most people will not notice any changes to your window.

    In addition, there are window tinting solutions that make your windows even less reflective than they originally were.
  • Can tinted windows make a property more private and prevent people from seeing inside?

    Yes, tinted windows can help with privacy as they make it more difficult for people to see through the windows. However, it depends on the type of window tinting that you select. Most clients decide to get their windows tinted for the purpose of increasing their privacy in Goodwood. It’s great for an office setting.
  • How are tinted windows installed?

    Firstly, the window tinting expert will organise a consultation and assess the property in Goodwood. This helps them to determine what needs to be done. Secondly, you can schedule a day for them to come and install the tinted windows. If they’re replacing the windows with tinted windows, they’ll need to order the glass. On the other hand, they’ll use a chemical solution to place window tinging film on existing windows.
  • Can the installation of tinted windows disrupt usual activity on the property?

    Yes, it might disrupt the day to day activities, especially if entirely new windows are being installed. However, installation can still go on during weekdays and normal office hours. window tinting experts in Goodwood should try to be as quiet and accommodating as possible. Otherwise, you can arrange for installations to happen over the weekend.
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