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Top 10 concrete palisade installers in Johannesburg

Ellis Park, Johannesburg
Quality work at affordable rates. We offer a quality and guaranteed services on: precast walling ,concrete palisade, diamond mesh fencing, razor wire, cleavu fence, brick walls. We also supply all fencing material. ...show more
3 reviews
by Siphelele, 074****948
Hi Well done guys. We do appreciate your dedication towards the building project we entrusted you with in our home renovations. You showed true professionalism and team spirit on day to day running of the project. We will really consider us...
Braamfontein, Johannesburg
All sorts of solutions on time and done right. Precast Walls, Concrete Palisades, Gardening, Cleaning, CCTVs, Garage Doors Installations, Property Maintenance etc. Construction - New Buildings - Demolitions and Ruble Removals - Rennovati ...show more
0 reviews
Have you used this business? Write Review
Have you used this business? Write Review
We are a professional company who looks after the clients needs. For all your commercial and domestic roofing, gates, carports and many more steel work services. We offer the best quality. Established in 2013, we offer the best steel work (w ...show more
6 reviews
by John, 082****120
Wonderful service, friendly staff, great work. Will definitely recommend and use again in future. Thanks Mluleki!
We Can Provide A Turnkey Solution Due To Our Diverse Expertise. Pools & Repairs: • Fiberglass, Marbelite, Re-Coating on pool, Fiberglass Repairs, Fiberglass shells (DIY options available) • Maintenance on pools (Available 24 hours) Roof ...show more
6 reviews
by Lance, 076****012
These guys are dedicated and not afraid to work the communicate and are always on time their service is outstanding and costs are low I would refer them to anyone in need of a contractor
Newtown, Johannesburg
ROOFING ,PALISADE FENCING & CARPORTS. We provide Engineering consultancy services for the demanding and complex projects . We enjoy the chance to work with visionary designers and clients. 1- New Timber roofs 2- Light steel roofing sys ...show more
3 reviews
by Sakhelene, 079****887
What a joy to have them do my project. 1km palisade fence securely and neatly installed with amazing speed. Thank you very much
HANDYMAN ON CALL,Painting,cleaning,dstv installation,CCTV,and electrical fencing. what is PAINTING This is the m0st cos effective way to bring out natural beauty of your solid surface and protecting against weather.natural effects.Paining ...show more
5 reviews
by Nelmah, 083****154
I was very happy by their job. I didn't have to complain because they did exactly what I wanted in my yard. I'll keep on using them everytime.
Kensington, Johannesburg
Home buildings, Drywall installations and Renovations. C Banye construction is a registered NHBRC, CIDB and professionally run company that provides quality services for very affordable prices. We specialize in Residential, Commercial and Ind ...show more
2 reviews
by Hellen, 078****881
Hi Well done guys. We do appreciate your dedication towards the building project we entrusted you with in our home renovations. You showed true proffessionalism and team spirit on day to day running of the project. We will really consider u...
Turffontein, Johannesburg
We are the experts when it comes to gate motors, garage door openers and intercom systems. We have many years experience in this field. We do repairs to any gate motor, garage door opener or intercom. hello for all your security solutions D ...show more
5 reviews
by anorld, 084****099
excellent work keep the good work guys
Haddon, Johannesburg
we lay tiles as per the rules of tiling. We are professional and we guarantee quality of service . Tilling We are masters of tilling. We do both wall and floor tells. We are comfortable with all sizes and types be ceramic or porcelain. We m ...show more
6 reviews
by Bruce, 083****324
Keep on doing the good job
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between palisade fencing and wire fencing?

    Palisade fences are tall fences that are usually made from steel or iron. The fence is used to protect a property from all types of dangers. Intruders find it much easier to get into a property that has no fence.

    Wire fencing serves the exact same purpose. However, it’s much easier for an intruder to climb over a wired fence or use pliers to cut an entry hole. In addition, palisade fences are generally more appealing to the eye.
  • Why should I install palisade fencing in Johannesburg?

    Palisade fencing is an affordable solution for sectioning off your property and keeping it secure. It’s one of the most popular fencing solutions in South Africa and there are plenty of suppliers in Johannesburg who are willing to oversee the entire installation process.

    The benefits of installing a palisade fence include:
    1. Durability: The fence cannot be cut or bent easily. Power tools are required to install or move the fence.

    2. Deterrence: If a potential intruder notices a palisade fence around the property, they will be less likely to trespass.

    3. Protection: In the event that an intruder tries to climb the fence, they will probably struggle to manoeuvre past the spikes at the top of the fence.

    4. Custom gates: You can get a custom gate that matches your palisade fence.

    The installers should be able to source the gate and make sure it’s part of the fence installation.
  • Are there specific regulations that I need to follow when installing a palisade fence?

    It depends on the type of property and where the fence will be installed. However, a palisade-type fence must not be any higher than 2.1 m on either street or lateral boundaries. This includes the spikes that might be at the top of the fence.

    It’s also important to check the specific regulations of your estate or property in Johannesburg. There might be another set of rules which you need to take into consideration before installing the fence. Nevertheless, hiring a professional in Johannesburg will ensure that none of these regulations are overlooked. They have plenty of experience dealing with different regulations and areas.
  • Do you need planning permission to install a palisade fence?

    You don’t always need planning permission. However, if the fence exceeds 2 metres it will be a necessary requirement.
  • Are there different designs for palisade fences?

    Yes, there are a variety of designs. It might be difficult to notice if you don’t look at the fences carefully. Some palisade fences have larger gaps. Moreover, there are different spike designs. The most common ones are the one-pointed, triple-pointed and rounded spikes. However, you can also install a palisade fence with no spikes at all. The fences also come in a variety of colours which allows you to choose a fence that matches your property in Johannesburg.
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