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by MATAU076****864 04 June, 2018

Kiddies place is a very excellent nursery that lays a very good foundation for our kids. It is Christian based and teaches our kids good values and good principles. My grand daughter is disciplined and can tell us about bible stories. Besides the tuition , the environment is very clean and very conducive to learning . To top it all, they are also offering preventive and promotive care in the sense that they offer them some medications with added vitamins so that their health is optimum. Keep up the excellent work Karin @ the team

by Abigail082****188 20 August, 2017

Kiddies place is a Christian based Nursery school.It is very important to teach children at the early age so I love how they are bringing up the kids in fearing God through His word. Lamentation 4:4 The tongue of th infants cling to the roof of its mouth for thirst;the young children ask for bread,but no one breaks it for them.Jesus is the Living Water and children thirst for His word and Kiddies Place is doing that for the kids,Jesus is the bread of life.For our kids to live well they need this bread of life and Kiddies place is breaking that bread for the kids.We thank God for Kiddies and the great work they are doing in the lives of our Kids.May God bless them more with wisdom to love,and teach kids good morals.

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287 Frandaph Drive, Mondeor, Johannesburg - 2091
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