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Top 10 Upholsterers in Kempton Park

Rhodesfield, Kempton Park
We do all minor repairs on vehicles interior and exterior. We love to wrap vehicles in the colour our client desire, with no re-registration. Why let a minor problem grow into a BIG one? Spend a fraction today and let us do the repairs fo ...show more
0 reviews
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Pomona, Kempton Park
Reupholstery and repairs to furniture. We have 17years of upholstery experience and we have been servicing both house holds TV sets hotels and restaurants as well as shopfitters ...show more
0 reviews
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Kempton Park
Recovering couches. Hi we do furniture maintenance and re-upholstery services group. We do offer the services of furniture maintenance and re-upholstery. We repair and re-upholstery all types of furniture to brand new looks. We recover ...show more
1 review
by matt, 074****918
Fabuliouse service I will come again
Kempton Park
Professional in upholstery. We restore, repair, refurbish and maintenance of all types of furniture to brand new looks. We do couches, sofas, dining chairs, lounge suites couches. 100% quality satisfaction. We collect and deliver Call Dan 06 ...show more
0 reviews
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Esselenpark, Kempton Park
Re-upholstery. We servicing all types of furniture. From antique to modern furniture. ...show more
0 reviews
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Kempton Park AH, Kempton Park
0 reviews
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Bonaero Park, Kempton Park
GLOFEL UPHOLSTERY Established 2014. In every piece of furnituer has a story come in and tell us yours..!. Glofel Upholstery is a partnership business upholstery manufacturer based in Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Johannesburg. With along histo ...show more
4 reviews
by Lusanda, 084****870
I must say I am very happy about two slay beds that are custom designed and manufacted by this Company, I am planning to change the third bedroom soon, cannot wait to get another fashionable design. Great finishing touch.:) Thanks Felix for...
Bredell AH, Kempton Park
No job is too small, we do our best on every task. Our work acts as the biggest representative of our company. Whilst some people look for a beautiful place, we are busy making a place beautiful. Sofas/Couches We offer upholstery of all t ...show more
3 reviews
by Mercia, 082****280
For Empisal machine and service render were quick and professional.
Glenmarais, Kempton Park
Interior Design & Decor, Wallpapers, Upholstery, Curtains & Blinds. La Vida Kreations is an established, well structured architectural and luxury interior design Company based in Johannesburg. We provide a complete tailored service covering e ...show more
3 reviews
by Prisca, 081****001
Team lavida Kreations have done an excellent and neat job on providing and installing wallpapers for me.
Mooifontein 14-IR, Kempton Park
Office furniture supplied at affordable prices and good quality. Company We are a company which manufactures office furniture of different types to suite the customer requirements,our company can assist with your space needs and office layo ...show more
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Should I reupholster my furniture or buy new furniture?

    If you have a quality piece of furniture that has a longer life to live, then it is absolutely worth reupholstering. New foam and fabric can make an old piece of furniture look brand-new. Many furniture stores in Kempton Park sell affordable pieces of furniture that you could buy instead of choosing to reupholster existing furniture. However, these pieces of furniture usually have flimsy frames and the entire piece will need to be replaced in a few years. On the other hand, old furniture will probably have a solid frame that the upholsterers will be able to work with. Your old furniture will have a completely new look and feel.
  • Can I provide my own material for upholsterers to use?

    Yes, most upholsterers in Kempton Park allow customers to provide their own foam and fabric. Sometime customers will find a fabric that they really want to use before the upholsterer has sourced anything. However, you cannot expect the upholsterers in Kempton Park to take responsibly for the quality of the fabric. You should consider asking them if you think the fabric will work well.
  • Can upholsterers come to my house?

    Yes, most upholsterers in Kempton Park can come to your house upon request. However, they will have to evaluate whether the job can be done on-site or not. Generally, they will arrange their own vehicle to transport the furniture if needs be.
  • How is the cost of reupholstering furniture calculated?

    The cost of reupholstering furniture depends on the price of foam, fabric, springs, thread, buttons, etc. In addition, the upholsterers have to consider the cost of working on the wooden parts of the piece. Tasks such as re-gluing, staining and cleaning the wood adds to the cost. In addition, there could be a tax or labour fee.

    Ultimately, all this information should be included in your quote. This will help you decide whether it’s worth it to reupholster the piece of furniture or save up for something new.
  • How does the upholstery process work?

    Firstly, the customer will decide if they want to bring the piece to the upholsterer or have them pick it up in Kempton Park. Afterwards, they will provide the customer with an estimated cost for labour and an estimated price for the fabric that is needed for the job. From this point, the customer can decide if they want to use their own fabric or make use of the fabric offered by the upholsterer.
    Once everything has been confirmed, the old fabric and foam is stripped from the piece of furniture. From this point, the appropriate foam type and fabric is used for reupholstering. The wood frames are re-glued and the springs are re-tied.
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