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Top 10 Best Painting Contractors near Krugersdorp

Mindalore, Krugersdorp
We are still the best in the west. We have been in the market for the past 21 years. Long standing business is still the aim of our game, because we believe in doing things right the first time. We are specializing in: - waterproofing of ...show more
1 review
by Rina, 083****481
Swimming renovation We have a marble-lite swimming pool and GWD Painters renovated it with fine tissue fibre and repainted it. It actually looks great and all is again in working order since to pool filter has been replaced. Thanks for grea...
Proffesional Paint Applicators. Beercon coatings Pty Ltd offers our clients the best advise and quality applications that will last. Our services includes: Estimated quotations Technical reports Colour matching and advise Specification ...show more
4 reviews
by Andre, 076****501
Thank you and your team for waterproofing and painting my roof. We are very satisfied with your service and for your team for offering us such a great service.Our roof was in a terrible state and leaks came from everywhere . After numerous ...
Kagiso, Krugersdorp
We Hear Your Crises and Offer Your Building Solutions. AFA Frank Projects Pty Ltd was established in 2013 and currently is within its 3rd year of operation. There are currently five well trained and experienced staff members employed within ...show more
0 reviews
Have you used this business? Write Review
Have you used this business? Write Review
Lifestyle Innovation Led By Passion. UMIL manages an established business network looking after industries including, Custom Constructions, Property Management and Solution Management. Client satisfaction is our biggest priority and the in ...show more
2 reviews
by Jedine, 082****319
Was very happy with the service and personal attention I received from UMILgroup, the staff were very helpful and went above and beyond to complete my to do list at my home. Thanks UMILgroup
Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points of a home. Shalom Plumbing and Maintenance started about 4 years ago. We decided to expant from delivering one service only to offering a variety of services. Each kitchen and bathroom is unique ...show more
5 reviews
by Charl, 071****132
I contacted Johan to replace the runners on our kitchen drawers. The product he installed was of a much better quality than the ones that were failing and his professionalism and attention to detail was beyond reproach. Thank you, I will de...
Krugersdorp North, Krugersdorp
We cater to all aspects of road construction,paving specialist and building renovations and tiling,painting,waterproofing,ceiling installations& repair etc try us today no job too big or small. MCC Construction specialize with road surface,po ...show more
5 reviews
by Muofhe, 074****844
Removing of steel windows and install aluminium windows in a professional way. Affordable quote and quality work
Krugersdorp East, Krugersdorp
First time, every time. Maintenance & Projects - Our services are on offer in the Krugersdorp and surrounding areas. If you require a project or maintenance to be done on your home then look no further than Maintenance & Projects. We will ...show more
3 reviews
by Jaco, 083****429
Jaco from Carella came to repaint the interior and exterior parts of our building and to remove carpets with mould and replaced the carpets with tiles. Great service and communication.
out of the box creativity!!!. Aaron Machava and Abby Nyoni are the co-owners of Machava Ceilings & Partitions; its a Family Business which prides itself in providing quality, accessible, consistent services that are worthy your money and time ...show more
1 review
by Abby, 073****003
Their services is very Good, would recommend them to Friends and family, Primrose 0785345682
Silverfields, Krugersdorp
we are 25 years professionals in the Handyman industry. No job is to small or to large. Our team Qualified to serve you at the best. We repair/fix all home; businesses requirements you want done. 25 years experience inPainting; boundary wall ...show more
3 reviews
by E., 083****467
He did some landscaping and paving, also helped me set up a program on my pc and all kind of contracting works. Very satisfied. Thank you Stach

Painting Contractor

Painters take responsibility for most building activities that require a brush. Painters apply paint to walls and roofs, but can also help with tasks such as spray painting or wallpapering. Krugersdorp painters have expert knowledge of which paint types to use. The correct brand and product ensures that painted surfaces look amazing for extensive periods of time.

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