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Sunford, Phoenix
CACG was established in 2020, we are a construction company specializing in full Turnkey operation. Our team consists of Construction Professionals with over 40 years of experience. ...show more
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Lenham, Phoenix
With over 35 years experience in the building trade. Building Plastering Decking Roofing Alterations and extensions Complete buildings from foundations to roofing water proofing ...show more
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Big small,we do it all. Specialising in building,plumbing,electrical,plastering,tiling,painting,waterproofing,odd handyman jobs and also bakkie hire ...show more
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Phoenix Industrial, Phoenix
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by Mrs, 082****671
Would like to repair the roof at the church in new lands east Thank u
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is waterproofing important?

    Moisture can cause a lot of damage. You may only notice water damage once it’s too late. That’s why you need waterproofing contractors from Phoenix on your side when you’re building a structure, upgrading one or doing general maintenance.
  • When is waterproofing the answer to your challenge?

    Waterproofing installation should be done with all new building projects. However, you can also give your pool a new lease on life when experts add a waterproofing layer. Or perhaps you want to prevent damage before the rainy season hits: Waterproofing can help preserve basements, walls, roofs or gutters.
  • What types of waterproofing can you consider?

    Thanks to modern innovation, waterproofing installation can be picked according to what the job requires:

    - Liquid membranes can be painted on or sprayed onto a surface. The benefit here is that the waterproofing won’t have joints that can cause leaks in future.

    - You can also have waterproofing sheets. They’re rolled out and then waterproofing contractors use blow torches to let it adhere. They’ll overlap to prevent gaps and leaks.

    - Natural minerals such as bentonite clay also work. You can apply it as a panel or a spray on substance. Moisture will cause it to swell, creating an effective layer against moisture.
  • What forms part of your building’s waterproofing system?

    - Gutters and drainage that need to channel water away from your building

    - The plumbing system must be watertight

    - How well structure components, such as the floor and the façade, connect
  • What makes a waterproofing product a quality buy?

    You don’t only have to think about moisture when you ask your waterproofing contractor in Phoenix about your options. Make sure the waterproofing contractor uses a substance that can resist the effects of UV rays, especially if it will be exposed to the sun for most of the day.

    Other aspects that determine its efficiency is its flexibility, so it won’t cause leakages when foundations move slightly—as they tend to do. It must be tear-proof so slight stretching won’t cause breaks in the layer.

    Contrary to common belief your waterproofing should actually be breathable. In the even that moisture is present you want water vapours to travel through instead of the water sticking to your structure.

    Also look for these characteristics:

    - Non-toxic products

    - Can you tile or plaster over it?

    - How easily can it be repaired in the event of damages?
  • What’s the difference between damp proofing and waterproofing?

    Don’t let industry lingo confuse you: damp proofing and waterproofing aren’t the same. Damp proofing is less expensive but not as effective, while waterproofing is more durable and it can help in the event of cracks.

    You can see waterproofing installation requires innovative products and skilled application to be effective.
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  • Installation costs/m²: R75 : R240
  • Waterproofing/m²: R140 : R660
  • Maintenance on waterproofing/m²: +/- R120/m :

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