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by Mahendra083****940 19 January, 2019

Arranged for garden service at 9:30am on Saturday 19th January . By 10am no one had arrived . Sent a message to Matlou she said they would only come after 12 . I called her and she was extremely unprofessional and screaming on the phone . I asked her to please lower her voice - she said that is the way she talks and that we should just not talk then . It is unfortunate that the terrible customer service manners of one individual can have such a detrimental affect on a company - even before they have done the actual work . I am not unreasonable and understand delays - communicating this however should be common courtesy . And speaking to a client in a professional respectful manner should be a given . Matlou completely lacks any of these skills unfortunately . I would NOT recommend Greenspace to anyone .

GreenSpace Garden & Landscaping's response
I remember this Pillay guy very well. He wanted to snap fingers and bully us to render service to him.He is entitled to his own opinon and frankly none of our employees work him. He spoke to us like we are his employees whom we clearly feel for whoever they are. He a very unprofessional being we ever had to talk to. I therefore dispute that his claims are baseless and he needs to take his anger and bitterness about life elsewhere. Unfortunately he does not determine who should come to request for service at our business and we are doing just fine.
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