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Port Shepstone
Aluminum windows & doors. Since it's formation WINDOWSCENE has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer and installer of a wide range of products allied to the aluminium and glazing industry. The business has established itself as a maj ...show more
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by Sam, 067****311
perfect service. Good price too.
Port Shepstone
Double Vision Aluminium is a family owned company we prioritise workmanship and service to our clients and deliver superior of customer service and quality. Double Vision Aluminium Manufactures, has been in business since 1987. We are manu ...show more
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the different types of balustrades and railings?

    Balustrades and railings are manufactured using a variety of materials. The most common and functional materials are:

    - Stainless steel - an easy material to work with that can be paired with glass or wood. It works well with modern homes and matches most furniture and fittings.

    - Glass - a relatively expensive material to use, but it looks timeless and classy.

    - Wood - provides a more traditional look and requires some effort to maintain. Wood should not be exposed to damp environments.

    - Iron - balustrades/ railings made of iron provide security to a deck or balcony. It’s a strong and robust material.

    - Aluminium - low maintenance and cost-effective option. Easy to buy in bulk and use in large spaces.

    - Strand wire – creates a contemporary look and it’s easy to maintain. However, you must make sure that you use enough wires for the structure to be safe.
  • Where can I install a balustrade on my property?

    Balustrades are purposeful in many different areas of a property. You can install them in the following places:

    - Stairs
    - Balcony/ terrace
    - Patios
    - Bridge
    - Corridors
  • Why is it beneficial to install a balustrade?

    Balustrades are a form of fencing that can often add a finishing touch to stairs and balconies. They are an important consideration, particularly when it comes to safety. In addition, they are usually required by law for elevated areas.
  • Can I design custom balustrades?

    Yes, you can get custom balustrade designs. There are some balustrade contractors in Port Shepstone that offer this option, however, you should be prepared to pay more money for this. Buying a pre-made structure is usually cheaper and you can buy them in bulk. In the event that repairs are required, it will also be far easier to source the parts that you need.
  • What grade of steel should be used for balustrades?

    Generally speaking, carbon steel is usually used for balustrades. However, your installers in Port Shepstone should have the answers for you and be qualified enough to recommend the correct grade of steel (or any material). It’s important to choose a reputable installer, with references, who will be able to advise and justify the material grade suitable for your application. If you are still uncertain, you can approach a variety of difference companies in Port Shepstone for advice and quotes.
  • When should I install balustrades in the building process?

    Install the balustrades as late as possible. It’s advisable to install them after building and painting. This prevents them from getting damaged while other renovations are happening. It’s easy for paint or concrete to end up on the balustrades if you’re not careful. Furthermore, it would be frustrating to remove or replace the structure after making a huge effort to install it in the first place.
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  • Average cost of balustrades/ railings - per metre: R400 : R2500

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