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Rosslyn, Pretoria
We manufacture high quality palisade fencing direct from our factory in Rosslyn Pretoria. ...show more
1 review
by johannes, 078****819
hi please iam staying at soshanguve extetion 10 am looking for palisade please get back to me as soon as posseble
Brooklyn, Pretoria
0 reviews
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Pretoria North, Pretoria
We have years of experience in the tree felling business and Welding. burglar bars.gardening service. Tree Safety Work Removal of dead,dangerous and dying trees or branches. Crown Lifting Removal of lower branches to provide clearanc ...show more
1 review
by Bongo, 078****405
Unreliable and unprofessional. An appointment was made and they did not pitch. No phone call no sms then their phone was off!!!
Danville, Pretoria
Quallity To Perfection. Elecsteel is a electrical and steel engenering company that caters to the customers design and specifications in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial industries. Electrical Engineering: Electrical design Distribu ...show more
4 reviews
by Muktaar, 074****044
Great service, overall it was a pleasure dealing with Elecsteel I will use them again. Keep up the great service not many companies in South Africa offers this !! Well done to you and your team at Elecsteel KEEP IT UP !!
We demolish build, renovate and repair. We offer building construction, Renovations building repairs, Demolitions and electrical installations. House Demolition Building construction Renovations Extentions Electrical fencing Electri ...show more
1 review
by Onica, 076****037
Fence installation and painting. Very good service and workmanship. Easy to deal with and work completed within reasonable time
Pretoria Noord, Pretoria
We will beat any written quotation. Renovation specs a unique yet one of a kind company that listen to what the customer wants. We push ourselves in delivering the best solution to our customers. We strive not only to do and complete the p ...show more
3 reviews
by Etienne, 071****144
Excellent efficient and polite. Thank you
Waverley, Pretoria
No job is too big or too small, you say it we do it . We will help anytime and we make sure our clients are happy with the service they get. We can help you create a better lifestyle. Mysmart Maintenance and renovations is a registered compa ...show more
9 reviews
by Tanya, 083****422
Excellent service! Peter and the team went the extra mile. Will definitely recommend Mysmart to all my friends.
Pretoria West, Pretoria
Fabrication of sliding gates,balustrades, carports and any steel work. Daka was established in 2015 and we have 3 friendly staff membes. Fabricate and Install/erecting of steel structure like trusses, coloms on site, carports, palisades,s ...show more
1 review
by Damian, 078****084
Fabrication and installation of car port
Pretoria Ext 1, Pretoria
We Specialize In All Your Security Needs. We specialise in electric fence installations, we are registered electric fence installers with Department of Labour and have been issued a certificate of compliance for all electric fences installed ...show more
2 reviews
by Ryan, 081****088
Excellent service . Friendly , helpful and exquisite workmanship !
Saulsville, Pretoria
We specialise in the steel welding Carport, sliding gates,Palisades, steel roofing repairs, PEDESTRIANS GATES. We have been in this business since 2013 We specialise in welding services Aluminum windows Bulglars Carport Palisades Pe ...show more
1 review
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between palisade fencing and wire fencing?

    Palisade fences are tall fences that are usually made from steel or iron. The fence is used to protect a property from all types of dangers. Intruders find it much easier to get into a property that has no fence.

    Wire fencing serves the exact same purpose. However, it’s much easier for an intruder to climb over a wired fence or use pliers to cut an entry hole. In addition, palisade fencing is generally more appealing to the eye.
  • Why should I install palisade fencing in Pretoria?

    Palisade fencing is an affordable solution for sectioning off your property and keeping it secure. It’s one of the most popular fencing solutions in South Africa and there are plenty of palisade fencing contractors in Pretoria who are willing to oversee the entire installation process.

    The benefits of installing a palisade fencing include:

    - Durability: The fence cannot be cut or bent easily. Power tools are required to install or move the fence.

    - Deterrence: If a potential intruder notices a palisade fence around the property, they will be less likely to trespass.

    - Protection: In the event that an intruder tries to climb the fence, they will probably struggle to manoeuvre past the spikes at the top of the fence.

    - Custom gates: You can get a custom gate that matches your palisade fencing.

    The palisade fencing contractor should be able to source the gate and make sure it’s part of the fence installation.
  • Are there specific regulations that I need to follow when installing palisade fencing?

    It depends on the type of property and where the fence will be installed. However, a palisade-type fence must not be any higher than 2.1 m on either street or lateral boundaries. This includes the spikes that might be at the top of the fence.

    It’s also important to check the specific regulations of your estate or property in Pretoria. There might be another set of rules which you need to take into consideration before installing the fence. Nevertheless, hiring a palisade fencing contractor in Pretoria will ensure that none of these regulations are overlooked. They have plenty of experience dealing with different regulations and areas.
  • Do you need planning permission to install a palisade fence?

    You don’t always need planning permission. However, if the fence exceeds 2 metres it will be a necessary requirement.
  • Are there different designs for palisade fences?

    Yes, there are a variety of designs. It might be difficult to notice if you don’t look at the fences carefully. Some palisade fences have larger gaps. Moreover, there are different spike designs. The most common ones are the one-pointed, triple-pointed and rounded spikes. However, you can also install a palisade fence with no spikes at all. The fences also come in a variety of colours which allows you to choose a fence that matches your property in Pretoria.
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