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Top 10 Plumbers in Pretoria

Equestria, Pretoria
For 7 years we have had a reputation for doing things the right way the first time,quality of products/ service. W mbiza electrical and projects specialize in the following services Electrical Service,Repair or Replace Faulty plugs & lig ...show more
12 reviews
by Wendy, 082****028
William is a caretaker from where I stay... I've known him for a year now. He's good with people, hardworking and doesn't wait till tomorrow to fix something. He once fixed my tabs at night around 20:00 PM he could've said I'll fix it tomor...
East Lynne, Pretoria
Call the Best, Flush the rest!!!. Aqua-Worx Plumbing & Maintenance is a company that focus on giving our clients Professional and Guaranteed service at prices that won’t drain your bank account. We believe in giving a client individual attent ...show more
5 reviews
by Kuda, 079****136
More than awesome service from Theuns! He was incredibly thorough with the assessment as well as quick to install a new geyser when our current one decided to go to geyser heaven. Awesome service overall! Particularly enjoyed his positive a...
Pretoria East, Pretoria
Pretoria projects. We are a project business for over a decade,we specialize in many projects ,heat pumps,gas geysers, electric fencing, garage door and many more.We do industrial, commercial & domestic projects. We also do emergency plumbing ...show more
3 reviews
by Martha, 071****413
Our canteen had a blocked drain, and this company reponded efficiently to our emergency. Great job, reasonable rates. will definitely use them again and also recommend them
Pretoria Gardens, Pretoria
Our mission is to provide expert services at competitive prices, while offering great customer service. We have the experience and knowledge to service all plumbing issues from a leaking pipe to large contractor type work. ...show more
1 review
by Manya, 082****413
Lance is fast, thorough, responsive and friendly. Great client experience.
Contact Vc Maintenance today before you start paying maintenance. We as a company strives to assist in all areas of general maintenance. Electrical Plumbing Painting Roof work And so so much more We are dedicated to perfection and to ...show more
2 reviews
by Choney, 074****004
I will use Vc maintenance any day. They affordable and the work they do are always done neatly and in the time frame given.
Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria
Call the best, we'll flush the rest. The Plumber you can trust. We specialize in drain cleaning with hydro jetting, also provide basic and emergency plumbing services in and around Pretoria. Your blocked drain has met its match! Plumbing ...show more
3 reviews
by Suzette, 082****254
Plumbing and irrigation
Capital Park, Pretoria
Electrical and Plumbing solutions. We specialize in plumbing and electrical, PLUMBING renovations, installation, maintenance and repair of #geysers #solar geysers #bath tub, showers and basins #toilet seats and urinaries #kitchen sink ...show more
3 reviews
by chloe, 082****663
the response was very quick and professional. I have not used them yet, but the response time was very impressive! quick professional and knowledgeable!
Montana, Pretoria
For all your plumbing needs. Plumbing Boffins(Pty) Ltd is a high profile, Plumbing and General Maintenance company. Keeping ahead in today’s competitive market requires more than just the basics. So we have also spread our wings by doing gen ...show more
2 reviews
by Karen, 083****901
We received excellent and friendly service.
Riviera, Pretoria
A self run handyman service for small everyday repairs with the ability to do bigger projects!. Handyfirst is a self run handyman service for small everyday repairs with the ability to do bigger projects such as bathroom renovations, baby nur ...show more
2 reviews
by Gerdri, 081****186
Willem and his team is professional, would highly recommend handy first for any renovation work .
Hatfield, Pretoria
All plumbing problems fixed fast! Open 24/7 & all our plumbers are security screened!!. If you need a plumber and you need something fixed or fitted, call us today and our plumbing team will take care of it - any time of day or night. We offe ...show more
4 reviews
by Cyrillene, 061****724
Not at all satisfied. Couldn’t open our drain although motto is “no job too deep” - well apparently ours was too deep. Had to call city of Tshwane and they did the same and succeeded in opening the drain, using the same equipment as the dra...
Frequently Asked Questions
Sometimes, unforeseen scenarios can occur where you’ll experience a burst pipe or a damaged geyser in the home. That’s why it’s important to always have access to plumbers. Snupit can connect you with reputable plumbers in Pretoria that can assist you when you need help urgently. But for now, let’s take a look at how much plumbing costs and what you need to know before hiring a plumber.
  • What’s causing the loud banging I hear when I turn on my taps?

    Plumbing pipes are anchored with straps every 1.5m horizontally and vertically. A banging noise happens when there’s not enough cushioning or secured straps around your pipes. To stop the banging you can opt for a plumber to add more strapping to your pipes.

    Additional strapping and cushioning could prevent wear on the pipes. It’s advised that you leave room for expansion when you anchor pipes, especially if they’re plastic tubing.
  • What do I do when my tap won’t turn off?

    Most sinks have a main shut off tap located underneath the fixture. Turn the main tap off immediately if your sink faucet won’t close. If there isn’t a main tap under the sink, turn your water off completely by closing the valve outside your house.

    Turning off the main water supply is temporary until you can bring in a plumber to fix your sink tap.
  • Where do I find the main water shut off for the tap?

    The valve that turns off your water supply is typically situated outside in the backyard or in your garage. When moving to a new property, always familiarise yourself with where the main water valve is situated. Be prepared in case of any plumbing requirements.
  • How do I know if I have a leaking or burst pipe?

    Sometimes you may not know that you have a burst pipe until it’s too late. Plumbing pipes are integrated into your walls and under your house, so it can be difficult to detect when a tube is damaged.

    If you’re experiencing abnormally high water bills for your property in Pretoria it could indicate that you have a leaking pipe somewhere. Another telltale sign of a burst pipe is mould growth on your walls or wet patches of soil in your garden.
  • How do I know when my drain is blocked?

    One early sign of drain blockage is a foul odour coming from the sinks, bath or shower drains. If you notice a pungent odour coming from your drains, it may be time to contact plumbers in Pretoria to fix the problem.
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    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It's free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best plumbers in Pretoria.

    2. Professionals listed on the Snupit platform are experienced, friendly and background-checked. Our numbers say it all! Of the 259 reviews for plumbers, our customers have had a positive and a rewarding experience with 235 plumbing projects.

    3. Choose from 26747 trusted and high quality professionals in Pretoria who can assist you with just about anything you need done.

    4. Don't overpay for any service, hire a local expert from our talent pool of 649 plumbers in Pretoria who are skilled and vetted.
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