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Security is a high priority on any business premises. Access control makes a business more secure. Access is restricted and detailed information about people’s movements are kept. This means there’s less chance of crime being committed from outsiders or employees. Security companies who install access control systems analyse the premises and supply the ideal solution for ultimate security.

Popular Access Control Services Include:

Premises entry systems

South Africans are used to hearing of criminals who escape by car. An access control system that prevents unauthorised vehicles from entering a business’ parking lot, helps to prevent these situations. If criminals can’t get onto a premises, they can’t reach offices or merchandise to damage or steal. Access control can be managed by a guard, or simply via a scanning and intercom system.

Building entry systems

An access control system also manages people’s movement inside offices and factories. Only those with access cards that are authorised to enter a certain area, can obtain access. This is an ideal way of keeping merchandise safe. It also keeps people safe, because criminals can’t have easy access to offices.

Employee tracking

These access control systems mentioned above record when employees are granted access to certain areas. Their movements are tracked. If crime is suspected in a certain area, employers can determine who had access to that room. Dishonest employees can be caught and prosecuted.

Asset tracking

These same systems can be customised to track assets such as vehicles and merchandise. A scanning system is used to keep track of assets and merchandise whenever they move. You can track all units and draw reports whenever needed.

Additional security services

Contractors who install access control systems also offer other security services such as:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Alarm system installation
  • Fire alarm installation

5 Tips when Installing Access Control

1. Determine your greatest risks

Security expenses can become quite a lot, especially if you need to secure a large premises. If you don’t have all the capital yet, start by securing your biggest assets and where you’re targeted the most. You’ll save money if crime in these areas are prevented, which you can use to upgrade security in other areas.

2. Ask about customisation

Many security systems can be customised according to your company’s requirements. Different employees can have different security clearances. Asset tracking can be set up to suit your processes and schedules. You can have the system record the type of information you need for future reference.

3. Ask about maintenance options

Ask the access control contractor how you and your employees can take the best care of the components. You don’t want state of the art equipment to get so damaged that it requires costly replacement. Security companies can do regular maintenance and equipment testing, so you know all components are in working order.

4. Get one company to do it all

If you need more security services, other than access control systems, search for a company who can do it all. This will make it easier for all the components to function as one system. All the parts can complement each other. You may even save money if the service provider offers special rates to customers who install various components.

5. Make your employees part of the solution

An access control system shouldn’t only be seen as a way of keeping an eye on employees. Employees should perceive it as a way in which you keep them safe. If they view the system in a positive light, they will look after it. They will also report problems sooner, because they appreciate the value it brings to their lives.

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