Accommodation is needed whenever one travels locally or internationally. A range of accommodation vendors help travellers find the perfect place to stay. You can stay in catered or self-catering units. You can pick private units such as hotel rooms or communal options in backpacker hostels. Bookings can be made with a venue directly, or through an agent. Accommodation agencies help to match a client’s requirements and budget with the right option.

Popular Accommodation Services Include:

Booking accommodation

South Africa is well known as a tourist location. Local and international tourists visit beautiful sights, and accommodation vendors offer them places to stay. Apart from bedroom suites, services can include:

  • Food and beverage services
  • Cleaning and ironing clothes

Bookings are made in advance so business or leisure travellers are sure of places to overnight. Deposits are usually required to confirm these arrangements.

Organise activities in the area

When accommodation is required, it usually goes hand in hand with activities during the day. This can include sightseeing, relaxation or adventure.

Many South Africans offer unique experiences to international tourists, so they can experience local entertainment, cuisine or lifestyles. Accommodation vendors are usually well informed of popular activities in the area. Staff can give advice or help book the activities.

Spa and other services on site

Booking into luxurious accommodation carries the benefit of having others tend to your requirements. Hotels and other places of accommodation offer services to enhance clients’ stays:

  • Room service.
  • Spa services so clients can enjoy treatments without leaving the premises.
  • Conference rooms and facilities.
  • A gym so people can stay in shape even while not at home.
  • Shuttle services so clients don’t have to drive themselves.
  • Wi-Fi connections so clients can handle business or enjoy entertainment when they want.

5 Tips when Booking Accommodation

1. Confirm their services

Don’t assume that all places of accommodation offer the same services. A misunderstanding can resort to frustration. If you know you need Wi-Fi or ironing services, pick a place where you can definitely have access to them.

2. Communicate allergies if applicable

If someone in your group has allergies, communicate this with your place of stay. Staff can make sure precautions are taken with food as well as room items. By planning ahead you can avoid negative experiences.

3. Enquire about ease of access

Health and safety measures require that public places should offer easy access to everyone, even those in wheelchairs. Most places that offer accommodation make sure these rules are adhered to, but don’t assume.

If someone in your party will need this mode of access, discuss it with the management. Ask about the place’s layout so you know what to prepare for. Management may help by booking rooms closest to exits to make it even easier.

4. Confirm your booking before you arrive

Mistakes can happen easily. An email may have been missed or a payment rejected. Contact your place of accommodation shortly before your trip. Make sure your booking is confirmed, so you don’t have to sort out logistics or mistakes when you arrive.

5. Make sure about timelines

Places who offer accommodation have certain times you can book in and out. Avail yourself of the detail so you can align your travel plans with these times. If you’re going to arrive late at night, make sure the staff knows, so someone is available to help you book in. Some nature reserves’ gates close after dark. Make sure you don’t arrive too late and get locked out.

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