Service Guide for Advertising

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Effective advertising makes the public aware of brands, products and services. The process showcases strengths and highlights differences between companies. Advertising companies are skilled in understanding people. These agencies use different media to attract attention and influence people. Advertising can move an individual from being a possible client to a loyal supporter.

Popular Advertising Services Include:

Advertising campaigns

An effective strategy is needed to advertise a brand or product. This is especially important in South Africa where one campaign has to make an impact on different cultures. Advertising companies gather information about the product, the potential client and the brand. They then develop a campaign incorporating this information.

Billboard, screen and banner advertising

An effective way of reaching South Africans is putting huge advertisements next to roads. This can be:

  • On billboards
  • Banners that are put up against walls or between poles
  • Street pole ads

If the advertisement is effective, it will catch people’s attention when they sit in peak hour traffic. It should entice people to try something they’re not used to yet.

Digital advertising

Important areas to cover when advertising a product are digital platforms. This includes:

  • Websites
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

South Africans are constantly using their mobile devices and computers to access the internet. By placing advertisements on digital platforms, more people are reached.


Advertising companies know how important it is for a brand to gain respect in South Africa. If this doesn’t happen, South Africans will keep on using the brands they’re already used to. Advertising companies follow branding campaigns to improve a certain brand’s presence in the market. This can take place on many platforms and includes giving out promotional items that contain the company’s logo.

Printed media

South Africans still love newspapers and magazines, even though the internet contains much of the information already. It’s wise to include printed media in local advertising campaigns. A magazine page may be looked at longer than a digital post that’s simply scrolled past and forgotten.

Additional services

Advertising companies help their clients with a variety of services to improve general functioning. This includes:

  • PR services
  • Graphic design services
  • Designing websites

5 Tips when Hiring an Advertiser

1. Ask for a portfolio

Start vetting advertising companies by viewing their portfolios. This will give you an idea of their experience and capabilities. You can also see if they deliver quality work.

2. Do they cover all the platforms you want to use?

Not all advertising agencies offer an all-round service. Some agencies don’t yet offer digital marketing and others aren’t experienced in printed media. Employ a company that offers all you need, so you don’t have to change vendors at a later stage when you find services insufficient.

3. Talk about timelines

If you need quick results to keep your company afloat, communicate this to the advertising agency. You may need to invest more to make impact fast, but it will be well worth it. Also keep an eye on whether the agency keeps to timelines, so you don’t lose momentum during the campaign. You have a right.

4. Do you like their style?

It’s important you feel comfortable with the type of advertisements the agency produces for you. Talk about visual style and use of language. You know your clients, so you should help the agency create advertisements that are appropriate for them.

5. How successful are their clients?

Who else do they represent? If they have some well-known clients in their portfolio, you may soon be well-known too. That’s the kind of agency you want to employ.

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