A building’s alarms play an essential part in the overall security of the premises. Alarms can be triggered by unauthorised entry sensors or smoke detectors. These alarms need to be installed in the correct place, so criminals are deterred before they’re able to do damage or harm. Security companies handle the installation process to ensure efficacy.

Popular Alarm Services Include:

Alarm system for self-installation

Some alarm suppliers offer simple components that can be installed by clients themselves. These components pick up movement or announce the opening of a door. Not all South Africans can afford a monthly security service membership. These items enable them to still improve their level of security, because they can take action when an alarm sounds.

Site inspections

When alarms will be installed, security services usually start by inspecting a building and the surrounding premises. Security experts know what type of features make it easy for the average South African criminal to breach a security system. Experts put plans together to improve security so all probable threats can be deterred or handled.

Alarm installations

It’s smart to let technicians handle alarms’ installations. They will make sure all components work and are linked to a control room if necessary. They will also ensure South African laws are adhered to in terms of electrical setup, emergency exits and more.

Control room services

For an ideal security setup, alarms should be routed to a security services control room. When alarms notify the control room of trespassers and problems, the personnel will know which authorities to contact—such as the SAPS—so the situation can be handled efficiently.

Medical and armed response teams

The control room can dispatch security response teams to offer assistance on your premises and make sure everyone is safe. Unfortunately, South Africa’s criminals are prone to cause bodily harm to home owners. Medical teams can be dispatched if needed, so victims can quickly receive medical attention.

5 Tips when Installing Alarms

1. Discuss maintenance

Alarms need to stay in working order, even when they get old, otherwise they’re of no use. Don’t wonder whether they will work if an emergency occurs. Schedule regular inspections and make sure signals are routed to the control room. Enquire about your security company’s maintenance costs so you can budget if necessary.

2. Enquire about future plans

Criminals continually find new ways to foil security measures. Security companies should stay informed of developments and new technology to combat this. Ask your service provider about future plans to enhance security in your area. This is an excellent way of vetting companies, to see who will offer long term solutions to crime.

3. Listen to what other people say

There’s no better way of finding out the truth than listening to the grapevine. Which security company in your area impresses its clients? Make sure you partner with the correct security provider who will offer help when you need it.

4. Remember your pets

Alarms can be triggered by pets’ movement. There are various components on the market that are designed to not pick up pet movements. This means you can leave dogs and cats to roam, without setting off your alarm system.

5. Don’t settle for the cheapest option

There’s no price too high to have guaranteed safety for your loved ones. Consider paying a little more for alarms and security services, even if it strains your budget. An initial capital investment for quality alarm components, will benefit you in the long run.

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