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An excellent option for new homes or building upgrades is installation of aluminium framed windows and doors. Contractors install standard sizes and designs, but can also assist clients with customised options.

Popular Aluminium Windows Services Include:

Supply and installation of aluminium windows and other structures

Aluminium framed windows and doors are perfect for South African houses. The metal can weather harsh conditions such as rain and harsh sun. It looks modern and adds a smooth finish to any home. They are durable and strong which affords more security in a country where crime is on the rise.

Folding aluminium windows and doors save space and look neat. Large spaces can easily be enclosed and these panels don’t take up too much space

Supply various types of windows and doors

Most suppliers of aluminium windows and doors also supply structures designed from other materials. Wood frames are still popular options for South Africans, specifically because many people love mixing a natural look with modern elements throughout their houses. uPVC is another quality product which looks sleek and it’s exceptionally durable. It allows for double glazed windows which is an excellent insulator against extreme African temperatures.

Shower doors

A perfect place to use aluminium doors is the bathroom. It can’t rot and won’t rust. Companies who supply aluminium windows will offer various sizes and styles of doors so you can pick one that fits your taste and bathroom setup.

Customised items

Most suppliers of aluminium windows know that South Africans love being unique. They offer a bespoke service so clients can obtain a window or door that fits their style and size. A terrific option many South Africans opt for, is mixing different materials. An aluminium garage door with wooden panels offers a modern twist on a classic look.

5 Tips When Installing Aluminium Windows

1. Confirm details about guarantee

Each window and door will have a unique guarantee associated with it. This guarantee is determined by the materials used, the methods followed during construction and the specific design. Compare different suppliers’ guarantees so you get the best long term solution.

2. What is your contractor’s background?

Make sure the contractor who supplies your aluminium windows is skilled at manufacturing and installation. This is especially important if you’re in search of customised options. Word of mouth will confirm whether you’ll get excellent workmanship and quality materials.

3. Can you mix safety with aesthetics?

Doors and windows play a large role in the overall look & feel of a building. You can prevent aluminium windows and doors creating a clinical look by mixing wood in the design. This is why customised options are so important. Pick a supplier who offers as many options as possible.

4. Consider accessories

You can add some charm to wood and aluminium windows or doors. Simply add decorative handles or cover them with beautifully designed curtains. This will create a softer overall look and you can match it to the room’s style to create a luxurious, finished feel.

5. What will maintenance entail?

Different substances require different types of maintenance. Wooden doors which face the sun may require oil from time to time. Aluminium windows and doors may require unique cleaning procedures so it keeps it sleek look. Discuss this with your vendor so you can pick the most effortless option or prepare for future maintenance tasks.

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