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option is to contact appliance repairs contractors. These contractors are experts in fixing a range of electrical items. They source the correct parts when replacements are needed and can give warrantees on workmanship or components. Appliance repairs contractors have in depth knowledge and skill regarding technical, electrical & mechanical aspects.

Popular Appliance Repair Services Include:

Domestic repairs

A South African home isn’t complete without basic appliances such as a kettle. These appliances invariably break down due to wear and tear or even the country’s power surges. Instead of throwing away appliances, appliance repairs contractors may be able to fix them. This includes:

  • Stoves
  • Toasters
  • Fridges
  • TVs

Commercial repairs

Appliance repairs specialists also help South African businesses keep up by tending to their appliance needs. Large scale repairs—such as laundromats’ washers—can quickly be tended to so businesses experience very little down time.

24 hour service

South Africans know how vital it is that appliances function around the clock. Some appliances—such as heaters during winter—are important for people’s health. For this reason many appliance repairs specialists offer their services 24/7. They visit premises so clients enjoy the luxury of having items fixed at their homes.

Installation service

South Africans love DIY projects, but sometimes a professional’s assistance is needed. For installing new items in a home or office, an appliance repairs contractor can be asked for a quote. These contractors have the necessary skills and tools to assist in installations. A popular service they’re hired for is air conditioning installations.

5 Tips when you need an Appliance Repaired

1. Always keep that number ready

The need for an appliance repairs specialist can come at the most difficult of times. To prevent frustration when you’re in a rush, keep a reputable contractor’s details on hand at all times. You can call the company directly, instead of wasting time by looking for numbers first.

2. Who do other people use?

Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable appliances. Ask friends and neighbours which contractors they use, or read online reviews. You’ll quickly see who is worthy of your trust.

3. Compare a few quotes

If you need a lot of work done, it’s wise to obtain a few quotes. You can compare costs, transport fees and hourly rates. By comparing you can determine which ones offer reasonable rates.

4. Ask for on-site assistance

Always discuss on-site assistance with contractors. Many of them will waver call out fees simply to secure more work. You don’t even have to venture out your front door, but you can get excellent service.

5. Ask for credentials

If you’re planning difficult work that involves your central electricity board and wires, you’ll be wise to ask for credentials. You may need certification that work is done within legal requirements, so you must make sure you hire someone who is knowledgeable in this regard.

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