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Architects design the homes the rest of society lives and works in. Architects have extensive knowledge about safety measures, space optimisation and building materials. They know how to match aesthetics with practicality. Architects draw up building plans according to these features and a client’s requirements. They can also supervise a building project if necessary.

Popular Architectural Services Include:

Building planning and design

Architects combine clients’ ideas with their own in depth knowledge to draw up plans for buildings and homes. Discussions about a client’s preferences are essential and the purpose of each room will play a role in the final design. Plans include technical information such as measurements and which materials will be used.

Making sure plans are approved

South Africa has strict laws about how buildings must be constructed. Architects adhere to these guidelines to ensure building plans are approved by municipalities. In South Africa there are usually long queues at municipal offices. Architects offer to administrate the approval process on behalf of the client to make life a bit easier.

Partner with construction teams

When building construction starts, architects visit sites to ensure the plans are followed. They can act as project managers if necessary. South African construction teams are notorious for taking their time and making unnecessary mistakes. An architect on site helps to prevent some of these problems.

Interior design

Some architectural companies offer interior design services. Some of the same architectural skills and laws apply to make sure the interior is safe and in compliance.

5 Tips When Hiring an Architect

1. Ask about qualifications and affiliations

Architects need to be qualified to fulfil their roles. They can also belong to architectural entities. These institutions offer support and information to architects. These affiliations are proof of accountability among professionals. It’s a sign of the quality work you’ll receive.

2. Consider the architect’s style

Some architects only design a certain type of building. They may stick to certain styles or only use specific materials. Some of them are used to build homes while others design office blocks. Pick an architect who has experience in the type of structure you require. Past experience will enhance the service you receive.

3. What other contractors can your architect recommend?

Architects are well aware of what goes on in the construction business. Expert opinions are invaluable while you vet construction teams. Ask advice about which builders and other contractors to trust if the architect doesn’t have an in-house team.

4. Listen to advice

If you’re unsure about which materials or methods to use, ask your architect. The advice will be based on experience, so can be trusted to help you make wise decisions.

5. How green can you go?

Consider the long term effects of a building on yourself and the environment. Are there any changes you can consider that will make your building more environmentally friendly? Are you using materials that won’t harm people by giving off toxins? If this is important to you, only employ an architect who is knowledgeable in this area.

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