Service Guide for Asphalt

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Asphalt is a natural, highly viscous, black liquid. Asphalt contractors apply it to many surfaces to form a durable layer as protection or as binding liquid. Thanks to its durability asphalt can be used for roads or as a waterproofing agent.

Popular Asphalt Services Include:

Asphalt surfacing

South Africa’s roads need high quality substances to withstand high traffic volumes. These same requirements extend to parking lots and private driveways. Asphalt contractors mix the substance with other particles and lay it down on roads. Asphalt acts as a binding agent to keep gravel and cement in place.

Sealing and waterproofing roofs

Every house in South Africa needs quality waterproofing to keep roofs from leaking. Asphalt contractors use this substance to seal roofs. The sticky substance binds to surfaces easily and fills up any holes.

Various types of paving

Asphalt contractors know South African home owners try to heighten security wherever they can. They don’t want too many workers on a premises at one time. Asphalt contractors offer paving services which go hand in hand with asphalting, so South Africans have a one-stop option to revamp their driveways.

Speed bump construction

Speed is a leading factor of many road fatalities in South Africa. Schools and businesses combat speed on the roads by constructing speed bumps in front of their premises, so vehicles are forced to slow down. Asphalt contractors build speed bumps and cover them with asphalt so they will last long.

Road markings

For optimum road safety, order is key. Road markings help drivers realise the rules they need to follow. Asphalt contractors avail themselves of the necessary laws and can paint proper road markings, so clients don’t have to employ yet another company for a small task.

5 Tips When Hiring an Asphalt Contractor

1. Ask about lifespan

Asphalting is usually done in areas where you expect it to last for long. You don’t want to repair or replace it often, because it’s an expensive process. Make sure you maintain it and ask asphalt contractors how long it’s expected to last, so you can budget for the future.

2. How much weight can the asphalt handle?

Where trucks continually drive over asphalt, it can easily start to crack. This is due to the vehicles’ weight, more than the excessive use. Discuss this with asphalt contractors so you can plan ahead. You may be able to divert heavy trucks to other areas to preserve your road or parking lot.

3. Does the contractor help prevent future damage?

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure asphalt contractors help you prevent possible damage. By directing water away from the asphalt you prevent erosion. You should remove trees around the area so growing roots can’t cause asphalt to crack, because of pressure and movement from below.

4. What is the standard of the contractor’s work?

Go to the trouble of viewing a contractor’s previous work. Drive to a site and look for proof of excellent workmanship. If you’re going to see and use your piece of asphalt every day, you need it to look neat, for your own and customers’ benefit.

5. Discuss what happens when it rains

Construction projects are easily influenced by rain. Normally asphalt contractors need dry conditions to ensure quality work. This does give them a loop hole to take long with a project. Discuss their requirements so you can keep them to their word and have the job done as quickly as possible.

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