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Audio-visual equipment can be obtained for home or corporate use. Contractors offer a variety of components to build the ideal audio-visual system for a specific scenario. They have knowledge to help plan these systems to create the ultimate sound and visual experience.

Popular Audio-visual Equipment Services Include:

Equipment sales

South Africans love exceptional sound and visual experiences. Home owners purchase components for home entertainment systems. Components are also used in the corporate arena for offices, public areas, during events and more. Audio visual experts sell the following audio-visual equipment which can be connected to form impressive systems:

  • Screens for viewing
  • Speaker systems
  • Cabling for connecting components
  • Sound mixing desks
  • Lighting
  • Trussing
  • Cameras for live footage
  • Projectors
  • TVs

Equipment rentals

Not every situation calls for long term use of audio-visual equipment. If you’re simply hosting an event, the components can be rented for the duration of the project.

Installation services

Audio-visual equipment suppliers are usually skilled at installing these systems. They can help South African home owners or event organisers plan exactly what is needed to obtain the best effect. They then install these systems according to the plan and make sure all components work.

Technicians on site

Audio-visual equipment can be difficult to operate, especially if a large system is put together. Audio visual experts can supply technicians to operate the system, if a client can’t manage. South Africa has many skilled technicians who deliver excellent service. They’re trained to operate the devices and troubleshoot the moment a problem arises.


The audio-visual equipment market is expanding in South Africa, as home owners and corporate clients make more use of these systems. If you or employees need help in operating a system, suppliers usually offer training courses. This is a wise option if you’re going to use your system regularly.

5 Tips when in need of Audio-Visual Equipment

1 Research the brands

Many audio-visual equipment brands exist, but not all of them provide a quality experience. They may break easily or produce low quality light and sound. Make sure you use only the best devices, so you don’t have to fix problems more than you’re enjoying the system.

2. Determine your exact need

It’s vital to do research before simply purchasing a system. The layout and size of the space plays a role, as well as the materials used during construction. Ask professionals for their input, so you can get a system that’s strong enough, while not being overpowering.

3. Do you know how to use the equipment?

Audio-visual equipment has many settings which you may not understand at first. Discovering how you can enhance the overall experience will make you appreciate it even more. Don’t run the risk of damaging an expensive system through a lack of knowledge. You’ll get more enjoyment out of using the system if you have some training.

4. Ask for a guarantee

Audio-visual equipment contains sensitive components which can easily get damaged if not handled correctly. However, if looked after, these items should last you long. Enquire about guarantees so you know what your rights are and ask for written proof. If something goes wrong without reason, you must be able to get it repaired without paying for it.

5. Talk about your budget

Be open to your contractor about your available budget. Most of the audio visual suppliers are eager to ensure new business. They put effort into sourcing excellent components at affordable prices. You may just get the deal of a lifetime!

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