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Auto-electricians tend to electrical problems on vehicles of any kind. Auto-electricians have theoretical knowledge about a car’s features. This knowledge, practical skills and feedback from diagnostics tools are used to determine the source of the problem. Auto-electricians then make adjustments and repairs to solve the problem.

Popular Auto-electrician Services Include:

Repairs on most vehicles

South Africans are proud of their vehicles and put effort into looking after them. Not everyone has the skill to fix problems themselves. This is when auto-electricians are needed. On-board diagnostics systems—a feature most modern vehicles have—help these technicians to find the source of a problem and repair it. The following vehicles require the services of such a contractor from time to time:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Trucks

Vehicle services

All cars need regular servicing to keep it in working condition. Servicing of a vehicle’s electronic parts is also necessary. During a service the following parts will be looked at:

  • Wiring
  • Starters
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Clutches

Fleet maintenance

Some auto-electricians outsource themselves to companies with large fleets. Fleets that travel across South Africa run the risk of a range of problems such as:

  • Damage due to attempted high-jacking
  • Damage when driving through potholes
  • Damage due to extreme heat or cold
  • Regular wear and tear

By keeping an auto-electrician on call, a fleet can receive regular maintenance to do repairs and prevent further damage.

Mechanical repairs and maintenance

Some auto-electricians offer South Africans an all-round service. You can have electrical repairs done while mechanical and structural damage is also seen to. These auto-electricians either acquire all the skills themselves, or partner with a mechanic to offer clients one-stop services, no matter the type of problem.

5 Tips when Hiring an Auto-Electrician

1. here can they do the work?

If your vehicle doesn’t run, you don’t want to have an additional expense of towing the car to the auto-electrician. Some of these technicians travel to wherever their services are required. Look for a company offering this service, to save you time and money.

2. Who do others suggest?

An excellent auto-electrician usually has loyal clients. Ask around your neighbourhood about auto-electricians that give excellent workmanship and use quality parts. If you take your car to someone who gave excellent work for others, you’re bound to receive the same workmanship again.

3. What does the workshop look like?

A clean workshop may be a sign of excellent service. It speaks of an organised company that you can trust with your valuable asset. You also don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting dirty while being repaired.

Make sure about the safety of vehicles while they’re on the auto-electrician’s premises. If you have to leave it overnight, make sure there’s adequate security measures. As a precaution you can inform your insurance broker about where it’s being kept, so it’s still covered by your policy.

4. Review their customer service

Make sure the auto-electrician has excellent communication skills and offers exceptional customer service. Good communication prevents misunderstandings and frustration. You also want to employ a company that treats you and your car with respect.

5. What’s their timeline?

You should ask about the time it will take to repair or service your vehicle. If you make it clear that you won’t accept tardy work, it will prompt the auto-electrician to keep to the promised timeline. You also need to know about how long the work will take, so you can organise alternative transport if necessary.

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