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Awnings are the perfect way to ward off the sun’s heat. This type of shading is usually constructed above windows. These structures are made of a variety of materials. This means they carry practical and aesthetic value at the same time. Awning contractors help clients pick the ideal type for their buildings. These contractors handle manufacturing and installation & ensure quality products.

Popular Awning Services Include:

Basic awnings

South Africa’s harsh sun makes it necessary to implement shading techniques. Awnings are the ideal way of keeping direct sunlight from building interiors. Awnings are constructed above windows to keep rooms cool. This is a method of preserving energy, as less air-conditioning is necessary. Awnings can be manufactured in almost any size, and be made from:

  • Aluminium
  • Fabric

Awnings can be fixed or fitted across movable arms for retraction

Louvre awnings

An excellent option for the South African climate is louvre awnings. This design can be custom made to fit a certain space. The louvres allow for air circulation, while still blocking most of the sun’s rays. Awning contractors manufacture and install these awnings according to customers’ specifications.

Car port installations

Contractors who manufacture and install awnings have the skills & tools to produce car ports as well. Carports are ideal to protect vehicles from the harsh African sun. They can have metal or fabric roofs, depending on clients’ requirements.

Patio covers

South Africans love spending time outside, but harsh sunlight or rain may keep them inside. Awning contractors install patio covers which make it possible to enjoy the outdoors, while being protected against the elements. These covers are similar to awnings, but completely covers a specific area, similar to a roof. The design can be customised according to the shape and size of the patio. It can also be fixed or retractable.

5 Tips when you need an Awning

1. What material will be best?

Consider all fabric and material options before you make your final decision on the type of awning you want. You may love the durability of aluminium, but fabric lends a softer feel. You must pick according to both aesthetic and practical requirements.

2. Think about the aesthetic value

Realise that awnings will change the aesthetics of your building. This can enhance the overall look, but it may spoil it if you don’t pick the right type. Ask for objective opinions or acquire the help of an interior designer. If you pick the right type it will add to the building’s value.

3. Get proof of quality workmanship

Make sure the awning contractors you employ will deliver excellent work. You can ask for references and view some of their previous projects. If you’re happy with those results, their work should complement your building as well.

4. Always keep security in mind

When awning contractors come to your premises for quotes or installations, make sure you and your valuables are safe at all times. Follow these handy tips:

  • Scammers can take advantage of the situation and rob you while they’re on your premises.
  • Unfamiliar people in your home should always be supervised.
  • Don’t let your wallet or keys out of your sight.

5. Ask about free quotations

You should compare a few quotes before making your final decision. Most companies are willing to give free quotes, in the hope of securing the work. This way you don’t have any expenses before you give the go-ahead for the manufacturing process. By comparing these quotes you can obtain the best deal on the market.

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