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Babysitters help parents look after their children. Babysitters can help occasionally or according to a set schedule and usually look after children at the parents’ home. Babysitters’ agents vet the sitters. This gives parents peace of mind about the safety of their child whenever the kid is with the sitter.

Popular Babysitters Services Include:

Full time Au Pair services

Many South African parents who work fulltime employ an Au Pair around the clock. An Au Pair’s responsibilities can include:

  • Looking after children at home
  • Driving them to school and other activities
  • Making meals
  • Helping with homework
  • Putting them to bed

The range of services required depends on the parents’ schedule and requirements.

Part time babysitting

Some South African families require babysitters’ services whenever parents or other family members can’t look after a child or children. This may be for an afternoon or evening when work or personal responsibilities require attention. Babysitters agencies have a list of available sitters. Parents can pick one at random, or interview someone with whom they can build a trusting relationship to use again in future.

Transport of children

An important role of babysitters is transporting children. In South Africa most children have extracurricular activities, but parents may not be able to leave work to take them. Babysitters perform this task on parents’ behalf so children can pursue their hobbies and sports.

Assistance with homework

Most South African children get homework every day of the week. If a babysitter looks after children during week afternoons, part of his or her responsibilities is to make sure homework is tended to. The babysitter can also help with homework projects when the child struggles with a certain subject. Some babysitters are experts in certain subjects and can act as a tutor.

Babysitters for an event

Babysitters love working with children and they’re the perfect helpers to hire for children’s events. This may take the form of a birthday party or an expo. They know how to keep children busy with fun activities and how to handle emergency situations if they occur.

5 Tips when you need a Babysitter

1. Vet the babysitter

It’s important to know you’re leaving your child with someone who will look after him or her well. This is why background checks are essential, or you can try one of these methods:

  • Only use babysitters who are referred to you
  • Obtain a babysitter via an agency who handles vetting on your behalf

2. How do fees work?

Make sure you know how the babysitter’s fees work, so you can budget accordingly. Do they charge per hour or evening? If they need to work part of an hour extra, will you be charged for a whole hour?

3. Discuss emergency situations

Make sure your babysitter knows where the emergency and medical equipment is stored in your home. If your child gets hurt, does the babysitter have means to call for help? Quiz the babysitter about what her actions will be in different emergency situations. The only way you will be able to relax away from your child, is if you know he or she is with a trustworthy, capable individual.

4. What will the babysitter teach your child?

It’s important to discuss personal values and opinions with the babysitter. If your child spends a lot of time with the sitter, the sitter’s conversation will have an impact. You can’t force a babysitter to have certain views, but you can ask him or her not to discuss certain subjects—such as death—with your child, if you’re concerned about how your child will react.

5. Discuss discipline

You must know how your child is disciplined when you’re not present. You can ask a babysitter about his or her methods. Alternatively you can ask the sitter to apply your own methods. You should ask your child whether the sitter keeps to this agreement, so you know what’s happening when you’re not there. Your child will also feel more comfortable, knowing that his or her wellbeing is your first priority.

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