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Beauty treatments are an integral part of many women’s lives, as well as some men’s. Beauty treatments are used to fight the signs of aging. Therefore they are used for aesthetics, but also for health reasons. Beauty treatments are administered by trained therapists. They have in depth knowledge about the human skin and body, along with skills in using beauty products & procedures to the benefit of customers.

Popular Beauty Treatment Services Include:

Skin care treatments

South Africans’ skin battle the effects of the harsh sun’s UV rays. The regular use of skin care treatments help to fight of signs of ageing, keeping skin moist and supple. Using the correct products can even assist in warding of skin cancer. Though many products can be used at home, beauty treatments received at a salon has far-reaching effects, because therapists have access to state of the art products and machines.

Spa treatments

Beauty salons that offer beauty treatments invariably also offer spa treatments. These treatments are focused on relaxation, but also offer health benefits. They help clients get rid of stress and toxic elements in the body. Many South Africans live a highly stressed lifestyle, which makes these treatments important. They include:

  • Massages
  • Sauna sessions

Nail care

South African women love having their nails tended to. This can be for treatments ranging from basic filing to painting and gel coverings. Most salons that offer beauty treatments also perform nail care treatments, so clients have a one stop beauty vendor.

Beauty services

A new fashion statement in South Africa is permanent make up or eyebrow micro blading. These and other beauty services are performed at beauty salons. Beauty technicians and beauty therapists are specially trained for these procedures to ensure no harm is done to the skin.

Male grooming

Many South African men love the effects of beauty treatments. For this reason there are men’s salons, though some spas cater for both men and women. Products for men are designed to be beneficial for their unique skin types and different fragrances are used than in women’s products.

5 Tips when you need a Beauty Treatment

1. Does the facility feel clean and comfortable?

Make sure you only use facilities that are sanitary, as some beauty treatments can have adverse effects if not done in a clean environment. Since a treatment should offer time to relax, you should also pick salons where you are treated with friendliness and feel comfortable.

2. Remember to behave

Beauty salons and spas expect their clientele to adhere to certain rules & regulations. Follow these so you help create a beneficial environment for all. These guidelines include:

  • Talk at low volumes
  • Arrive on time for your appointment
  • Refrain from smoking

3. Are the therapists well trained?

You don’t want inexperienced therapists hurting you or doing work on your nails that doesn’t look neat enough to be seen in public. If you’re having complicated procedures done, or even if you’re only having nails tended to, ask about the therapists’ training and experience. You can even ask for a portfolio so you know you’ll get excellent service.

4. Look for special packages

Many beauty salons offer specials from time to time. They may even have a regular special that incorporates a few treatments. These packages help you acquire a few treatments at a fraction of the usual cost. Keep an eye out for them and save a lot of money!

5. Prolong the effect

You can make sure the treatment’s effect lingers long. One way is to limit your exposure to elements such as:

  • The sun
  • Harsh chemicals such as dishwashing liquid

Ask the beauty therapists about maintenance and other ways of looking after your skin & body, for maximum effect after a treatment.

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