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A homes appearance can be transformed by simple adjustments such as hanging new blinds & curtains. Contractors who supply this use almost any fabric to manufacture standard or customised sizes and designs. They also assist in installations if necessary. With their knowledge of new trends and interior design, they give excellent advice. They help you use new window coverings to improve your home on a practical and beauty level.

Popular Blinds & Curtain Services Include:

Curtains of any length

Making curtains is a difficult task, because space is needed to do it and accuracy is essential in the final product. Homes can stay up to date with the latest trends by asking blinds and curtains suppliers to make them according to a window’s size. Blinds & curtains suppliers supply merchandise at affordable prices since they purchase fabric in bulk.

Blinds of different designs

Many South African homes transition from curtains to blinds. Blinds afford home owners more luxury and options. Blinds can be designed according to window shapes other than squares. You have more control about the amount of light blinds allow into a room. This feature is ideal to keep rooms cool even with the African sun blazing down.

Installation services

Home owners can have curtains & blinds installed so they don’t have to struggle themselves. Blinds and curtains services usually include installation. Automated blinds make this especially important so clients can ensure the system works effectively.

Certification for health and safety reasons

When blinds & curtains are installed in public areas such as hotels, health and safety is important. The best suppliers in South Africa help entities obtain health clearance by supplying them with certification. This confirms that fabrics and substances used are anti-bacterial, flame retardant and eco-friendly.

Outdoor blinds

The concept of blinds & curtains can be applied outdoors to cover verandas. This allows South Africans to enjoy the outside air while excessive heat or cold is kept out.

5 Tips When Hiring a Blinds and Curtain supplier

1. Most companies offer free quotes

You can do a thorough search for the best contractor by obtaining many quotes. Most suppliers do onsite visits and give free quotes so you won’t have any expenses until you commit to a certain vendor.

2. Ask about maintenance and accessories

Every fabric and substance—such as wood used in blinds—need a certain type of maintenance. Ask your suppliers to teach you how to look after your window coverings so they will look stunning for a long time. Some vendors sell accessories and tools which make curtain and blind cleaning much easier.

3. Consider the colour and style

Take your time to pick the colour and style you use. Your favourite colours may not be the wise option to use. Ensure you pick something that will present well even when the colour fades a bit. Your curtain supplier usually has enough knowledge and experience to help you with this important decision.

4. How to get the most out of your purchase

Blinds & curtains transform a room, but you’ll be surprised at what some more detail can do. Most curtain suppliers employ interior designers. Ask them what tie-backs or accessories can complement your room even more.

5. Ask about printing options

The world of interior design embraces technological advances. A certain development enables you to send a vendor images that you want printed on your curtains. Enquire from contractors whether they offer this service so you can have a completely customised look in your home.

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