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Boreholes offer land owners an alternative water source. Boreholes can be used in residential or rural areas. Borehole contractors help clients find the ideal place to bore for water. They then assist in installing a system to pump the water to the surface. It’s not advisable to use it for human consumption, as it may contain impurities. However, it’s a more affordable water source to use when watering gardens or farmland.

Popular Borehole Services Include:

Drilling services

South African residents are fortunate that underground water sources can be used, apart from water supplied by municipalities. Borehole contractors have the necessary skills and tools to drill deep under the earth’s surface, until a water source is hit.

Installation services

Borehole water needs to be brought to the surface so people can have easy access to it. Borehole contractors install a pumping system which brings the water from its source to the top.

Testing services

South Africans install boreholes to assist them in watering gardens and other areas. This is usually a long term plan. The only way to keep a borehole functioning for a long period is via testing and determining its sustainable pumping rate. Contractors do this as part of the installation process, so clients have optimum use of their borehole, without overusing it and so damaging the water table.

Irrigation installation

Boreholes go hand in hand with a premises’ irrigation. South Africans are continually looking for the best way to water gardens. The best irrigation systems will quickly water an area, without unnecessary water loss. Borehole contractors offer irrigation planning and installation services. They help clients use the borehole water in the most dynamic way possible.

Maintenance and repair

Wear and tear over time, or weather conditions such as floods can result in damage of a borehole system. Borehole contractors offer a maintenance service, so clients’ pumps stay in working condition.

5 Tips when you need a Borehole

1. Are they concerned about the environment?

If you care for the environment, pick a borehole contractor that has the same mind-set. This will shine through in how concerned they are about using water sparingly. They will also consider eco-friendly options such as solar panels to power water pumps. Partner with these contractors so you know your carbon footprint stays small.

2. Ask for a free quote

You can’t settle for the first contractor you come across. You must compare quotes and ask for references. After this you can determine who will deliver the best value for money. Most borehole contractors will offer a free quote, in hopes of securing the work.

3. Prepare for the process

Realise the digging for water is a messy business. Your premises may be covered in mud for a while. This happens as the contractors prepare the borehole and install the pump. Remove and replant valuable plants close to the borehole site so you don’t regret losing them in the process.

4. Talk about guarantees, maintenance and problems

Borehole equipment is expensive and you’re making a huge capital investment into your property. Make sure you’re protected from future expenses by obtaining proof of relevant guarantees. You should also ask the borehole contractor about maintenance and possible problems. With this knowledge you may handle small problems on your own, so you don’t have to pay call out fees.

5. Warn your neighbours

The mud that’s pumped out during the digging process may run into the street. Warn your neighbours about the upcoming process. This gives them time to prepare and it’s the considerate thing to do.

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