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During the planning phase of any new building, an essential step is to find building material suppliers. These contractors supply the resources needed to erect structures. They source building materials from manufacturers and then sell it in large quantities to the public & building contractors. In some cases they manufacture the items themselves.

Popular Building Material Supplier Services Include:

Sand and stone supply

  • Restructuring their gardens
  • Stones as decorative features in gardens
  • Sand in children’s sandpits

Building material suppliers sell these resources at affordable prices so the public can use them wherever necessary.

Brick, timber and steel supply

Most South African houses are built from brick, but a lot of timber and steel is necessary during the building process too. They serve a structural purpose. Wood that’s used in building must be treated and items should be certified as safe for building. All these items can be sourced from building material suppliers.

Transporting of supplies

Not many South Africans have large enough vehicles to transport building material. Suppliers offer a delivery service so all resources can safely reach a building site. They may also supply staff to help with unloading if necessary.

Plumbing and electrical supplies

Building material suppliers offer clients the luxury of obtaining many building resources in one place. Plumbing and electrical supplies can be obtained from these suppliers, so you don’t have to travel to other vendors. Some of the items’ prices may be more affordable, since everything is sourced in large quantities. These items include:

  • Wiring
  • Pipes
  • Septic tanks
  • Gutters

Tool sales and rental

A building project requires many different tools to run smoothly. This includes:

  • Cement mixers
  • Generators
  • Jack-hammers

All these items can be hired or bought from building material suppliers. Home owners who are building themselves—or even small construction companies—can hire items so the large capital investment of purchasing tools isn’t necessary.

5 Tips when you need Building Material

1. What is the company’s speciality?

Many suppliers have an area of building they focus on. Some may source high quality timber, but low quality steel. It’s convenient to obtain all building materials from one source, but make sure you obtain high quality items.

2. Find a supplier near you

You can save time and effort by purchasing building supplies from a vendor near you. Supplies will reach you quicker, because there will be less traffic problems on the way to you. Delivery costs may be lower, so you can save a lot of money. If you need tools you can quickly obtain it, instead of travelling far distances and wasting time.

3. Ask building contractors

If you’re wondering who the best building material suppliers are, simply ask the people who work with them every day. Your building contractor will know who offers excellent products and service. This is an excellent reference to help pick the ideal supplier.

4. Allocate space

Plan your building site so you have order from the start. Ask the builder how close to the building site the material should be unloaded. Allocate space to it which is close, but out of the way, so vehicles can still use the area as much as possible. A little bit of planning can prevent a lot of frustration.

5. Compare quotes

Compare prices of different suppliers. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by sourcing materials from the right people. The saved money may be worth the effort of driving to more than one supplier.

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